Dean Christensen, 68, of Rock Island remembers well the Lambrite-Iles-Petersen home at 510 6th St., Davenport, which he and Gordon Muller restored in the 1970s.

When discussing the home, Christensen said it is the “most stunning example of true Italianate architecture west of the Mississippi River, and certainly in the area.”

“This house has it all,” he said.

He and Muller worked to turn the home back into a single-family dwelling from several apartments.

“It has incredible architectural features,” he said.

Entering the home through the hallway, Christensen said, “It’s a jaw-dropper. The walls are done in a fresco that looks like inlaid panels of marble. That went all the way up the grand staircase that had walnut banisters into the second-floor hallway.

“If you went in the front door and looked up, there is a circular opening with the staircase to the tower that winds very gracefully up into the tower.”

The living and dining rooms each had a white Italian marble fireplace, while the family parlor had a gray granite-type fireplace with a mirror over it.

The floors in the home were heart of pine. The windows to the house were all 10-feet tall, some of which were meant to open onto balconies, he said.

There also are paintings of people that possibly are of the Joseph Lambrite family, but no one is sure, Christensen said.

“There is a man wearing a helmet that would go with a suit of armor,” he said. “The lady of the house has a lavish headdress on. The other three are much plainer. I was always under the assumption he had three daughters, but he had one daughter and two sons.”

Christensen said the original house may have had nine rooms. By the time he and Muller got to it, it was down to 13 after being apartments.

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