2013 Iowa Associated Press Managing Editors - Photo Contest Winners Photo Sweepstakes Award - John Schultz, Quad City Times - Hero Street Picture Story 1. Jeff Cook, Quad City Times - Night of Illusions http://qctimes.com/gallery/news/night-of-illusions/collection_dc0b16fe-b32f-5738-abc9-b27c83996086.html#0 2. Kevin E. Schmidt / Larry Fisher, Quad City Times - Obama in Galesburg: A supportive audience listen to President Barack Obama speak at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois Wednesday July 24, 2013. http://qctimes.com/gallery/news/more-photos-obama-in-galesburg/collection_fd9b3270-f36d-5fee-912b-5dc7ee5726c6.html#0 3. Kevin Schmidt, Quad City Times - Friday: Girls State Basketball. http://qctimes.com/gallery/news/friday-girls-state-basketball-tournament/collection_9cea75d4-8308-11e2-9b1f-0019bb2963f4.html#0

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