Mississippi River

Pool 13: Water level is near 12.4 feet at Bellevue which is similar to last week, but expect water to once again recede. The water temperature is around 71 degrees. Lots of debris was floating around this week. The Bellevue DNR ramp may have water and logs on it from the high water. Walleye - No Report: We have had three good year classes of walleyes in this reach of the Mississippi River and populations are very good. It has been a difficult year to find them with the river going up and down all the time. Largemouth Bass - Good: Go way back in large backwater complexes to find cleaner water; this is where the bass will be. Try along the eel grass. Use frog imitation lures or plastics. Freshwater Drum - Good: Loads of freshwater drum are available and good fishing should return. Use large crayfish to catch really large drum. Channel Catfish - Good: Try stink bait in flowing sloughs, especially above log jams or along rock piles. Fish are usually close to the shoreline. Smallmouth Bass - No Report: Smallmouth bass are doing very well in the Mississippi River with numerous year classes present. The combination of rock and current are a must to find smallmouth bass. Smallies often hold very tight to the rocks. Stay away from the turbid tributary streams as smallmouth are sight feeders. Black Crappie - No Report: Before the latest water level rise, lots of 11 inch crappie were being seen in side channel sloughs. Flathead Catfish - Good: Ditty poles with live bait can be a good way to catch nice flathead catfish from the Mississippi River.

Pool 14: Water level is near 12.0 feet at Fulton, 14.5 feet at Camanche and 8.6 feet at Le Claire. Water is now receding, but may rise next week with additional rainfall. Some boat ramps may be out of operation, so plan ahead. The water temperature is near 72 degrees. Freshwater Drum - Fair: Use a simple sliding sinker and worm fished in current. Worms are the best bait. Channel Catfish - Good: Catfish bite well in higher water. Try stink bait once the water levels return to near normal flows. Fish are located near the shoreline. Walleye - No Report: We expect good walleye fishing to return to the Mississippi once the water levels return to near normal seasonal flows. Smallmouth Bass - No Report: Smallmouth bass are doing very well in the Mississippi River with numerous year classes present. The combination of rock and current are a must to find smallmouth bass, which often hold very tight to the rocks. Flathead Catfish - Good: Ditty poles with live bait can be effective in catching nice flathead catfish. Largemouth Bass - Good: Go deep into the backwaters along vegetation lines using frog imitation lures.

Pool 15: Water level is 12.3 feet at Rock Island, which is up significantly from last week and may soon rise again. Water temperature is around 75 degrees in the main channel. Pigeon Creek and Crow Creek are turbid after nearly every rain. Some boat ramps may be out of operation, so plan ahead on a trip to Pool 15. Freshwater Drum - No Report: Freshwater drum are abundant in Pool 15 and can easily be caught from shore. Try fishing the eagles landing area a with worm and egg sinkers. Channel Catfish - No Report: Rising water levels usually trigger what has already been a good catfish bite. Lots of varieties of stink bait are being used. Move often if the fish do not bite in 15 minutes or so. Flathead Catfish - No Report: Ditty poles with live bait can be effective on catching nice flathead catfish this time of year.

Water temperatures are in lower 70's throughout the district. Water levels are steady but additional rainfall may cause more rising water. Lot of debris is floating in the water. Some ramps experienced flooding.


Deep Lakes: The road (Pettibone Avenue) in front of the main boat ramp and beach by Lake Chester is being resurfaced. Expect delays in getting into that area. Largemouth Bass - Good: Start early in the morning and work the fallen trees and edges of the weed beds. Try fishing on an overcast day with a little wind blowing across the water. Bluegill - Fair: Work the weed beds with a small worm and bobbers or small jigs tipped with wax worms. Go small, the water is clear enough that the fish can see small baits from a long distance.

Iowa River (Columbus Junction to Mississippi River): The Iowa in this section is a couple of feet below bank full, but she's still moving pretty fast. The river is forecasted to stay about this level for the rest of the week before going into moderate flood stage next week from the rains in Northern Iowa.

Lake Belva Deer: The return of hot weather has slowed the fishing, except for the catfish. Channel Catfish - Excellent: Catfish continue to bite despite the rise in water temperature.

Lake Darling: Water temperature was going down until early this week when the air temperature went back into the 90's during the day. Water temperature is back into the upper 70's. Black Crappie - Fair: Crappies remain out in 4 to 5 feet of water with some out a little deeper. Most are in the 9 to 10 inch range. Light colored small jigs work best. Personal jig color of choice is yellow. Bluegill - Fair: Worm and bobber will catch you a good number. The bigger ones are around 8 inches. The original stocking is bigger than that but are hard to find. Channel Catfish - Good: Use a nightcrawler fished on the bottom to catch some nice one pound catfish. Try also a little chicken liver.

Lost Grove Lake: Bluegill - Fair: Bluegill fishing has slowed. Black Crappie - Good: Crappies have moved in shallow along the vegetation looking for little bluegills and crappies. Most are still on the smaller side (8-10 inches).

Coralville Reservoir: The lake level is at summer pool. Channel Catfish - Fair: Anglers should be able to drift/troll the channel with cut bait and find some fish. Black Crappie - Fair: Try jigs or minnows over brush piles. White Crappie - Fair: Try jigs or minnows over brush piles.

Diamond Lake: No minnows are allowed here. Bluegill – Slow. Black Crappie – Slow. Channel Catfish – Fair.

Iowa River (Coralville Lake to River Junction): Channel Catfish - Fair: Catfishing was picking up last weekend.

Kent Park Lake: Fishing is reported as slow; most fish being caught are deeper right now.

Lake Macbride: Any sized motor may be operated at no wake speed (5mph) now. Bluegill - Fair: Some fish can be caught around shallow structure. Catch slightly bigger fish on the rock reefs. Wiper (Hybrid Striped Bass) - Slow: Some small fish are more willing to bite. Larger fish have been hit and miss. Evening has been the best bite by watching for surface activity. Black Crappie - Fair: Use jigs or minnows over/around brush piles. Walleye – Slow. Largemouth Bass - Fair: Use plastics, crankbaits and topwaters around shallow rock and wood. Try also crankbaits and plastics on the offshore rock reefs. Channel Catfish - Fair: Drift cut bait in 10-15 of water. White Bass - Fair: Try crankbaits along windblown points and reefs.

Lake Wapello: Largemouth Bass - Good: Try jig and pig combos or rubber worms around structure such as the cedar tree piles. Some of the cedar trees can be seen at the water’s surface but there are quite a few more that are totally submerged.

-- Iowa DNR

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