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Lawn Mower


A good lawn mower can last over a decade, but the key to keeping your lawn mower running smoothly is proper maintenance. Here are five items you need to check off your list.

1) Drain the gasoline before winter.

As the weather cools down in fall, it’s time to think ahead to the end of the mowing season. Before you store your lawn mower for winter, drain any remaining gasoline. Old gasoline is one of the most common reasons lawn mowers fail to start. A vacuum oil changing system can simplify the process.

2) Clean your mower.

Grass can clog your mower’s discharge shoot, so be sure to periodically clean the undercarriage. First, disconnect the spark plug. Then simply use a wire brush to dislodge grass debris.

3) Change your spark plug.

The spark plug ensures your lawn mower starts up without stalling. Fortunately, the spark plug is inexpensive and easy to replace. Unhook the wire, and remove the plug with a spark plug wrench. Then, install a new plug according to the instructions in your manual. Overtightening the spark plug is a common mistake that can prevent your mower from starting.

4) Replace your air filter.

Your lawn mower’s air filter should be replaced annual for optimal performance. If you notice the paper or foam filter is dirty, it’s time to clean or replace it. This can be done at home by consulting your manual.

5) Sharpen the blades.

Dull mower blades can result in an uneven lawn. If you notice your mower leaving uneven patches, visit a mower repair shop for blade sharpening.


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