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Rebecca Lovich, 59, has lived in Davenport since 1981. She is married and the mother of four adult children. She and her husband, Luke, met while attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Lovich is the Davenport-based media and legislative representative for Christian Science churches in Iowa. She serves as a resource for local media, and area legislators. 

Q: Were you raised as a Christian Scientist?

A: "Yes, I was, but I did not always practice it. About 25 years ago, I experienced some severe anxiety and depression. I wasn't sleeping well.

"I went to a doctor and was given medications. Well, I'm not used to taking medications. My neighbor was a pharmacist and she got out her book, and I read about the side effects. I didn't like them ... I was trying to avoid those in the first place.

"So I had a choice. Christian Science is a completely different premise. It comes from a Biblical premise that God, divine love, is the basis of our life and that we are in the deepest sense, spiritual beings.

"I was at a crossroads, so I was able to think about ... what does this Science of Christianity actually mean? How could this heal?

"I worked with a Christian Science practitioner for eight months. This is a person who has had instruction and experience in the ministry of Christian Science healing and devotes full-time to this practice. They are right there for you.

"I tell you, it was like a journey. But I wasn't scared, it was a new world of spirit, God's kingdom or universe, a different sense of life, and of myself.

"It's been 25 or so years now, and I no longer have that problem and never needed drugs to manage it. It's not that I've not gotten down a bit, at times, but I know now that there's an answer, for all of us I believe, to depression and anxiety. 

"That was a sweet and wonderful experience for me.

"I also had suffered migraines for years. I took big horse pills and those would knock me out. Shortly after my healing from anxiety and depression, I started to get a migraine. 

"I was traveling to a wedding with another person, so I was at their mercy for transportation. I'm at this house in St. Louis, and I can feel a migraine coming on. I didn't have a car, what would I do? I started to focus and think, I didn't have this headache last week, and probably won't have it next week. I'm still the reflection of God.

"I reached out to God in prayer and my headache was healed. It felt like I stepped over it. I felt this love, it was like being at the bottom of a pool and coming up for air.

"I have not had a migraine since. I have taken no aspirin and no Tylenol in 25-plus years. 

Q: How you feel about Christian Science?

A: "Physical healing is a by-product of getting closer to God. Christian Science is learning more about God. What is it to be Christian? What do Jesus teaching tell us about healing?

Q: How long have you practiced Christian Science?

A: "It was 25-30 years ago when I became more interested in it."

Q: Is there a church here?

A: One, in Davenport at 3705 Fairhaven Road, and 3203 Avenue of the Cities. There's also a Christian Science Reading Room, 3202 Avenue of the Cities.

Q: What about Mary Baker Eddy, the Christian Science founder?

A: "She started a newspaper, founded a religion, was a published author and lecturer and she started a college."

Q: Did you raise children in the church?

A: "Yes, they all love God and turn to God in times of need. However, I'm not sure how much they go to church. The ages are 22-30 years old; that's three boys and one princess."

Q: Did you take your children to a doctor?

A: "It's important to know that my husband was not a Christian Scientist when the kids were small. So, we made a joint decision on which care was best for our children. I wanted to respect his views and his love for the children. Sometimes we took them to the doctor, and we also relied totally on Christian Science prayer. We made the choice best for our family.

Q: Who in your family was a Christian Scientist?

A: "My grandfather. He was older when he married my grandmother. This was in 19th century. Most of his family had died from tuberculosis. He started to come down with it, as well, and his brother, gave him a copy, 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.' My grandfather was healed." (Note: Church founder Mary Baker Eddy wrote the book, a best-seller for decades.)

"My grandmother was also in Christian Science, and they met at church. That's where my mom is from.

"My dad's family was similar. His father found it, and was practicing it as well. Dad had a cold, and was on a vaporizer, and he somehow lost his vision. He went to a practitioner, and he was cured. Dad is not Christian Scientist now but he would tell you that one worked. He is a retired pilot and lives in Ohio. 

Q: What is the future for Christian Science?

A: "Our core values, that what makes us Christian Scientists. Not so much church meetings, but what brings us together, and what's the definition of church. Is it a nice place to socialize? For me, I look at Christ Jesus; he took his ministry on the road, he went where the need is. He healed. Let's recommit with our core values of the church.

"I think when churches re-connect with core values, that will attract people back to church." 

Q: What else should we know?

A: "Physical healing is a byproduct of the teachings of Christ Jesus. That is what is attractive to people."

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