A Davenport massage therapist has had his license suspended for nine months because of "unethical conduct with a cell phone during a massage session."

William Trudell, 2009 Davie St., Davenport, reached a settlement with the Iowa Board of Massage Therapy, that was posted June 10 on its website. The settlement was reached May 16.

In a combined statement of charges, settlement agreement and final order, the Board instructed Trudell's license be suspended for nine months. It was due to expire on June 15.

"The parties have entered into this settlement agreement and final order for the sole purpose of resolving all claims and charges to avoid the burden, expense, delay and uncertainties of the administrative hearing and appeal process," the order reads.

Trudell denies any allegation of the act, the order says, but acknowledged the allegations, if proven in a contested case hearing, would constitute grounds for the discipline in the order.

As part of the order, Trudell acknowledges his license will expire during the suspension and may apply for reactivation upon the completion of the nine month suspension. During the suspension, he is not to use any words or titles that may imply or represent he is a licensed massage therapist or engage in any action for which a license is required in Iowa. 

"Should the respondent violate any terms of the order, the board may initiate action to impose other license discipline," the order reads. 

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