5 incredibly useful garden gadgets
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5 incredibly useful garden gadgets


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Maintaining a garden is no easy feat, but these incredibly useful garden gadgets will help you save some elbow grease while keeping your landscaping beautiful.

1) Garden Genie Gloves

These multi-purpose gloves are a must for any gardener. The attached ABS plastic claws allow you to dig and plant without any hand tools, and the durable rubber latex is waterproof and puncture resistant, for ouch-proof rose pruning.

SigmaGo Garden Genie Gloves available from Amazon

2) 3-in-1 Soil Test Kit

Your garden’s success starts from the ground up. Fortunately, this 3-in-1 kit makes analyzing your soil easy. The kit comes with devises that test moisture, light, and pH levels in your soil. The meter can also help you determine when to water, and requires no batteries.

3-in-1 Soil Test Kit for Moisture, Light, and pH available from Amazon

3) Folding Umbrella Hat

If you garden rain or shine, this folding umbrella hat is for you. The umbrella attaches to a strap under your chin for hands-free rain protection.

Luwint Gardening Folding Umbrella Hat available from Amazon

4) 3-in-1 Drill Till

You love gardening, but you don’t love what it does to your back or your knees. Enter this handy drill till. The tool comes with three attachments that allow you to till and aerate, dig holes, and remove weeds at their roots without crouching.

3-in-1 Drill Till available from Amazon

5) Lawn Aerator Shoes

Revitalize your lawn by simply walking. These lawn aerator shoes have 26 spikes that push into the ground with each step you take, opening up the soil, and exposing grass roots to the air.

Lawn Aerator Shoes available from Amazon


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