Look quick — the garland of orange leaves laced along John and Roxanne Hambleton's white picket fence in Davenport won't last long.

Neither will the yellow sunflowers on their entrance arbor or the sweet-faced scarecrow on their lawn.

The Hambletons are all about decorating for the seasons and, any day now, the front yard decor will turn to Halloween. Then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and so on through the year. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, spring, the Fourth of July — all holidays and season have their decorations.

The Hambletons' yard is great for outdoor displays in that it is enclosed in the white fence with an entrance arbor that provides a framework onto which decorations can be attached.

In fact, the fence and its possibilities is one of the reasons the couple bought the house about four years ago when they moved to the Quad-Cities from Texas.

"We always wanted a fence," John said.

And decorating is an activity he and Roxanne enjoy doing together. While most of the decorations are purchased ready-made, John also makes wood cut-outs with his various saws, as wood-working is a hobby and side business.

And as with all good decorators, the Hambletons make most of their purchases after whatever holiday they're buying for. "After Christmas, we buy all the red stuff," John said. That's when one finds the bargains.

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