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Traditional beds have always required a mattress and box spring for a comfortable night’s sleep—but sleek and increasingly popular platform beds are changing the game. Here’s why you should ditch the bulky box spring:

1) Your platform bed will never wear out.

Unlike box springs, which wear out over time, platform beds provide a solid surface for your mattress. A worn-out box spring changes the way even the most comfortable mattress feels, so those lumps and bumps you feel under your back at night may be caused by what’s underneath your mattress instead of the mattress itself.

2) You can invest in a better mattress.

Traditional beds require frames, bed supports, a box spring, and a mattress—and all those parts add up. With a platform bed you only need to invest in the bed frame and mattress, so you can spring for a little more luxury. Fortunately, there are also reasonably priced memory foam mattresses with cooling covers that don’t break the bank, like the Nectar mattress that comes in at about half the price of most memory foam options and has a one year risk free trial.

3) It’s a dream for renters.

If you’ve been losing sleep over how you’re going to transport a clunky box spring and your mattress during your next move, platform beds are the way to go. Save yourself the moving costs or that extra trip lugging a box spring down the stairs.

4) Platform beds look clean and sleek.

If you’re a fan of modern design, you probably have a few platform bed photos saved to your Pinterest. The sleek low to the ground design also makes it easy to climb in and out of bed, and the clear space under the bed is perfect for storage.

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