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Renewed interest in roses and conifers and a recognition of the importance of soil health are three garden trends forecasted by Monrovia, a branded plant grower based in California.

Here's closer look at seven top trends the company has identified:

1. Roses and rhodies renaissance: It’s back to the future as the lure of Insta-worthy posies, year-round beauty and container compatibility has gardeners taking a second look at old-timey shrubs.

2. Pines: After years of being overshadowed by boxwoods and birches, this compelling conifer is on the comeback trail, with a starring role at 2017’s Chelsea Flower Show.

3. Soil matters: Collectively, home gardeners are poised to be a critical part of the solution to the urgent environmental issues of soil degradation and carbon capture.

4. Garden tribe: Always on the leading edge of mindfulness, home gardeners are creating a new type of tribalism where the shared experience of gardening inspires a leafy sort of group therapy. Seeking to find community, the garden has become not only a place of refuge and comfort, but also a way to define one’s world view.

5. Suburban plant hunters: First comes a garden, then comes a garden that no one else has! From heritage fruit trees and “who-knew” annuals, to complex topiary, savvy garden-makers are foraging far and wide for the goods to make a landscape that’s bespoke, not cookie-cutter.

6. We see a pattern: Plants with foliage patterned with dots, dashes, stripes and slashes have been spotted everywhere. 

7. Hydrangea mania: Everyone’s much-loved bloomer will cement its “must have” status as the plant of the decade in 2018 with many new varieties that solve lots of consumer woes. Breeders have built rebloomers that are right-sized for pots, simpler to prune, with sturdier stems that don’t flop under the weight of large flower heads, and thicker leaves that are more tolerant of heat, humidity, and wind. 

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