Cabinet refinishing is well under way

Cabinet refinishing is well under way


I’ve completely abandoned all attempts at cooking until the kitchen cabinets are refinished.

The constant mess of the refinishing process just makes anything other than popping a frozen dinner in the microwave too difficult. And my kitchen is messy enough already without creating a mound of dishes that we’d have to deal with as well.

The good news is we’re about halfway through this stage of the kitchen renovation. We’ve been refinishing two to four cabinets at a time, a process that takes four to five days because there’s a lot of waiting involved as the cabinets dry between coats of stain and varnish. But if we keep working at the pace we’ve kept up so far, we should be finished by the beginning of next week.

My husband figured out how to save time by starting on the next set of cabinets while we’re varnishing the first set. Applying the varnish stripper, taking it off with a putty knife and letting it sit for a day doesn’t stir up any dust that would compromise drying varnish, so we complete those two tasks while spending two days putting a couple coats of varnish on the previous cabinets.

By multitasking, we’re able to sand and stain the next set of cabinets the day after the first cabinets are done. Then, the day after that, we begin stripping yet another set of cabinets while the freshly stained cabinets receive two coats of varnish.

Saying goodbye to the blue carpet

I have never liked the blue carpeting in the kitchen, and we’ll finally rip it up this weekend. We have to get it out of the way before we do any more refinishing because it is adhered to the base of the bottom cabinets.

There is a vinyl floor underneath the unsightly carpet, but I have no idea what condition it’s in. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s no worse than the carpeting because we’ll have to live with it for a little while. I’ve heard stories from friends who ripped up layers of flooring to find beautiful, original hardwood floors in their kitchens, but I don’t think we’ll be that lucky.

This weekend, we’ll also be taking out the massive stainless-steel hood that’s meant for a six-burner stove along with an industrial-strength exhaust fan that takes up one entire cabinet.

I will be very pleased if we don’t discover a surprise or two while completing either of those tasks.

What surprises have you discovered in your home while renovating?


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