Putting the final touches on our kitchen renovation

Putting the final touches on our kitchen renovation


The kitchen renovation has almost been done for a couple months now. We just haven't gotten around to finishing the remaining small tasks, but that is starting to change.

Last week I finally finished patching and repainting the walls where the new backsplash sits lower than the old ones. The area by our large built-in cabinet looks much better now that I have completed that little chore, eliminating a giant white spot surrounded by rust-colored paint.

I still have to apply caulk to prevent moisture from getting between the countertops and the wall, but I'm going to do that after I re-caulk the tub so I can use the bathroom as practice.

We also found a piece of mahogany that will work as a kickboard, which was no easy task since that type of wood isn't very popular these days. But since the cabinets are all mahogany, my dad helped us find a board that would work so it would look the same as the rest of the kitchen once we stained it.

This week I'm going to help my husband measure the pieces we need, and then it will be his job to cut them down to size so I can stain them and apply a finish.

My dad also has been working on a couple of doors for our cabinets. The mahogany board he found to build three new ones came out a drastically darker shade than the rest of our cabinets, so he applied a veneer to the front of the doors, allowing me to stain them and get a closer match.

I'm going to try to talk him into letting me borrow his nail gun so we can put up the kickboard and the rest of the trim next week. If he can't part with it for a week or two, that step will have to wait until he can come out to the Quad-Cities again.

We also bought a microwave that will hang over the oven, so the next time my dad does come to visit, we'll have to ask him very nicely to run electricity and thereby permit us to install it.

I have my fingers crossed that we'll finally finish the kitchen renovation in February.



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