The Rookies say goodbye to that kitchen carpet

The Rookies say goodbye to that kitchen carpet


Let us pause to remember the blue carpet in the kitchen with a moment of silence. ...

All right, that's long enough. As you may have guessed, the blue carpet is no longer in our kitchen. Last week, my husband ripped up the carpet as well as the vinyl floor underneath it to make way for the installation of a new concrete board subfloor and easy-to-clean porcelain tile.

My father-in-law helped my husband cut the cement board with our brand-new circular saw, purchased just for this project. Turns out the key to a successful tile floor is making sure no more than two corners of cement board meet, which required some creativity.

Then my husband used a couple of hundred screws to keep the cement board in place, and his father taught him how to mortar and tape the seams between the sheets.

And what did I do while they spent hours prepping the floor, tearing off trim and screwing down the floor? I sat on the couch in my pajamas and bathrobe, trying not to cough up a lung. My bad cold turned into bronchitis or pneumonia. My doctor wasn't quite sure which, but gave me an antibiotic that would treat both. So while I did a little bit of varnishing last weekend, I mostly sat around accomplishing nothing.

We got lucky at ReStore

Before I was rendered utterly useless by my illness, I stopped by Habitat ReStore in Davenport. For those of you who haven't been there, ReStore has gently used and sometimes new items for your home improvement needs.

Shopping at ReStore is like doing so at any second-hand shop. If you're there at the right time, you can get a heck of a deal. That's just want happened to me.

I found a stainless-steel sink that is practically brand-new. It has a little bit of sticky residue that I have to clean off, but otherwise it is in great shape. The sink is also quite deep, which will be great for washing dishes and thawing frozen meat. And the price for this amazing, practically new sink: $25.

I was particularly excited by the deal because I was not looking forward to spending a minimum of $200 for a halfway decent sink and faucet. Now if I can just find a reasonably priced faucet, we'll be good to go.

Gail Yingling, the community relations manager for Habitat Restore Quad-Cities and a reader of this blog, snapped a photo of me buying the sink to be used with this blog. She got a kick out of me picking out a sink while I was all dressed up in a sweater, vintage wool plaid skirt and knee-high stiletto boots. But within an hour, I changed into more appropriate attire for home improvement and started scraping away at the vinyl floor.



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