Working in the kitchen goes best on a deadline

Working in the kitchen goes best on a deadline


I need a deadline in order to get anything finished.

House cleaning gets put off until we’re expecting company. I work on quilts here and there until Christmas is five days away. And this weekend I’ll spend my time preparing for my dad to come out and help us put the final touches on the kitchen next week.

There isn’t a whole lot left to do. I have a few frames to stain before we attach them to the door and drawer fronts with my dad’s nail gun. My husband and I have to measure and cut the kickboard to size and stain that as well. And I still haven’t caulked the seam where the backsplash meets the wall.

It’s not a lot of work, but it does take a lot of time since I have to wait 24 hours between each coat of stain and polyurethane.

My dad has been asking me for weeks how we’re coming along with getting the kitchen ready. My answer is always that it will be done before he arrives, and it will, but I’ll probably run myself ragged sanding and finishing wood late into every night this week.

I’d also like the bathroom to be put back together before they arrive, which means I need to finish painting the door and drawer fronts to the cabinet. And the sewing room/guest bedroom also needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. Right now, you can’t even walk, let alone sew, in it because it’s filled with junk that doesn’t have a designated place to go.

A friend of mine saw the disaster the last time she was over and declared, “Oh, Stephanie, you’re not perfect.”

Apparently she was under the impression that my house was always spotless and smelling of Scentsy wax warmers. Well, the truth is there are usually dog toys, dirty dishes and sewing supplies everywhere, and this time of year it tends to smell like wet dog.

A couple weeks ago, I posted on my Facebook profile that maybe I should start hosting sit-n-sew at my house twice a month so it would get cleaned more often. Besides comments from other quilt-obsessed friends that read, “Say the word and we’ll be there,” there were plenty of others who confessed that they, too, put off cleaning until someone visits. That made me feel a little better about my procrastination.


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