For a new gardener, spring is the most exciting season of the year. If you just can’t wait for warmer temperatures, and you’re ready to kickstart your garden this March, try these 4 hardy plants for some early blooms and vegetables.

1) Wildflowers

Start sowing wildflowers in March for an array of colorful blooms this spring. These flowers also attract butterflies and bring helpful bees to your garden.

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2) Brussels Sprouts

March is the perfect time to start planting hardy vegetables. In warmer climates, sow brussels sprouts directly into the soil. In cooler climates, keep this vegetable under cover until warmer months.

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3) Herbs

Get a jump start on your herb garden by planting lemon balm, sage, rosemary, and oregano under a covering. When temperatures increase, remove the cover and enjoy fresh herbs all spring and summer long.

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4) Broad Beans

For a hearty summer crop, plant broad beans—also known as fava beans— in March. If it’s your first time planting broad beans, monitor your crop for signs of mice or squirrels.

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