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Chocolates are a classic Valentine’s Day gift, but if you want to show the one you love that you put in some extra effort this year, it’s not as daunting as you think to make your own. Here are 3 kitchen accessories to help you make something sweet for your sweetheart.

1) Heart Shaped Cake Pops

A bouquet of roses has nothing on a bouquet of delicious homemade cake pops. These silicone heart shaped molds make it easy to bake your sweetheart’s favorite flavors. Try this red velvet cake pop recipe for a striking visual on the first bite.

2) Chocolate Hearts

If you’re going for the classic box of chocolates, try these heart shaped chocolate molds. Since you’re making them yourself, every chocolate can be filled with something delicious; no weird surprise chocolate filling is the best Valentine’s Day gift of all. Not dating a chocolate fan? Try making gummies or hard candy instead.

3) Decorated Sugar Cookies

This 7-piece Valentine’s Day cookie cutter set (including hearts, Cupid, and lips) will get you started—but when it comes to decorating sugar cookies for your beloved, let your creativity shine through. Sure, it might end up looking like a Pinterest fail, but the effort will mean so much more than a trip to the bakery.

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