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Real estate transactions of $50,000 and over are gathered from city and county public records and are not independently verified.


David L. Brown to Bell Animal Hospital PC, 1322 W. Locust St., Davenport, $100,000.

David L. Brown to Bell Animal Hospital PC, 1316 W. Locust St., Davenport, $100,000.

Blue Dot Development LLC to David B. Leiby, 2802 Oak St., Bettendorf, $100,000.

Patricia L. Priebe to Geri L. Thiessen, 2404 Central Ave., Bettendorf, $100,000.

Robert E. Graham to Deborah L. Orendorff, 2522 N. Fairmount St., Davenport, $101,000.

David A. Christisen to Nicholas A. Driskell, 1451 E. High St., Davenport, $103,000.

Ven Green Land Development LLC to Vintage Homes Inc., 7065 Alvie Lane, Bettendorf, $103,000.

Katherine B. Hart to Robert Montegna, 2366 W. 49th St., Davenport, $104,000.

Bruce A. Timlin to Rebecca M. White, 4155 Mallard Court, No. 4, Bettendorf, $105,000.

Hill & Hill Real Estate LLC to Betty A. Marriett, 1109 30th St., Bettendorf, $105,000.

Justin Bowman to Brian Holland, 107 Salina St., McCausland, $105,000.

Walter E. and Arline N. Levetzow Trust to Bruce A. Levetzow, 2935 E. 32nd St., Davenport, $106,500.

Judith A. Smith to James Ruter, 1344 W. 37th St., Davenport, $108,000.

J P Enterprises LLC to Krows Nest Properties LLC, 1102 E. Columbia Ave., Davenport, $108,000.

Tom Faulhaber Custom Homes LLC to Aarti Nunnewar, 6441 Cardinal Road, Bettendorf, $108,500.

Nicole M. Huber to James O. Gatti, 739 E. 6th St., Davenport, $109,000.

John Patrick Norris to Frederick L. Funk, 2003 W. 71st St., Davenport, $110,000.

Wanda M. Wriedt to Kevin Noble, 200 Lamphere Drive, Blue Grass, $110,000.

Douglas L. Edwards to Debra S. Hoss, 1350 W. 38th Place, Davenport, $110,000.

Camp Jones Properties LLC to Maya Al Khatib Haffar, 721 E. 13th St., Davenport, $110,000.

Arleen M. Johnson to Kelly Construction of Davenport Inc., 2005 N. Howell St., Davenport, $110,000.

Jared Castaneda to Jennifer M. Hanna, 3924D Partridge Circle, No. 101C, Bettendorf, $111,000.

Mary A. Payne to Drake Anthony White, 2233 W. Rusholme St., Davenport, $111,500.

Jedidiah J. Petersen to Kim M. Felske, 2429 N. Gayman Ave., Davenport, $112,500.

Darrel A. Seifert to Mallory L. Day, 3316 N. Pine St., Davenport, $113,500.

Mulligan Holdings LLC to Alison C. Lunardi, 2555 Cody St., Bettendorf, $114,500.

Renovations Unlimited LLC to Jeffrey Ruth, 1123 Mississippi Boulevard, Bettendorf, $115,000.

Catherine L. Juchter to Angela J. Morrison, 222 W. Garonne St., Blue Grass, $115,000.

Quiet Capital LLC to Provident Trust Group LLC FBO Nathan Hansen Solo K, 621 Pershing Ave., Davenport, $115,000.

Larry P. Kephart to JH McCoy LLC, no address listed , $115,000.

Brian Sawvell to Katie M. Nicholson, 2027 N. Division St., Davenport, $117,000.

Kimberly Collier to Gary C. Nelson, 2115 N. Howell St., Davenport, $117,000.

Karen A. Johnson Trust to Todd Allan Marland, 2910 Central Ave., Bettendorf, $117,500.

Carole A. Jahn to Brandi S. Cassaday, 24530 Valley Dr., Scott County, $117,500.

Kenneth C. Richardson to Kayla V. Dodd, 305 W. 51st St., Davenport, $118,000.

Anna M. Turner-Scott to Louise D. Hill, 647 Cherokee Court, Davenport, $118,000.

Rillo Homes LLC Series Twelve to Amy J. Haines, 1851 W. 58th St., Davenport, $118,500.

Future Capital LLC to Patrick Rears, 305 W. 31st St., Davenport, $119,000.

Maggie P. Stone to Donald W. Weimerskirch, 25 Blue Grass Court, Davenport, $119,000.

Maura Costello to Rebecca Tarnish, 2419 Carey Ave., Davenport, $119,000.

Sharon A. Keppy to Bradley J. Lucas, 2333 E. Lombard St., Davenport, $119,500.