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Real estate transactions $50,000 and over are gathered from city and county public records and are not independently verified.


Eva Dondanville to Annette L. Clark, 4125 31st St., 002A, Bettendorf, $85,000.

Forest Road Estates LLC to Advance Homes Inc., 6231 Forest Road, Davenport, $85,000.

Middle Road Developers LC to Portico Homes LLC, 4675 Mason Run, Bettendorf, $85,000.

Meribeth Tague to Guy Properties LLC, 420 N. 2nd St., Eldridge, $85,000.

Middle Road Developers LC to Portico Homes LLC, 4672 Mason Run Bettendorf $86,000

QC Rental Props LLC to LW Capital Management LLC, 1117 W. 6th St., Davenport, $86,000

Sally C. Crist-Smith to Tom Burch, 4165 Mallard Court, No. 5, Bettendorf, $87,000

Cassandra J. Gano-Trout to Christopher C. Wolfram, 2409 Glen Place, Davenport, $88,000.

Raymond Watson to Anh Phuoc Tra, 2115 W. 36th St., Davenport, $88,500.

John S. Liljequist to Shim Co. LLC, 2113 Kirkwood Boulevard, Davenport, $88,500.

Century Heights Phase III LC to Chuck Pekios Co., 5555 Willmeyer Drive, Bettendorf, $89,500.

Richard R. Gravert LLC to Wonio Development LLC, 1210 Brady St., Davenport, $90,000.

Complete Comfort Properties LLC Series III to Red Cloud Holdings LLC, 707 W. 17th St., Davenport, $90,000.

Bobbie J. Lucas to Mary K. Richardson, 5364 N. Linwood Ave., Davenport, $90,000.

Arnold J. Newsum to Bethany L. Tatman, 3107 W. 66th St., Davenport, $90,000.

Anna L O'Hanesian Revocable Trust to Francis R. Clasen, 3611 Kelling St., Davenport, $90,000.

Bradley J. Lucas to Ardita Grunwald, 117 E. Price St., No. 301, Eldridge, $90,500.

Dr. Philip A. Habak to Kathleen McGreevy, address not listed, $90,500.

Stansbury Living Trust to David Swanson, 3302 Central Ave., Bettendorf, $91,000.

Aaron E. White to James V. Riessen, 934 W. Locust St., Davenport, $91,000.

Gail E. Bryan to PMRE LLC, 918 25th St., Bettendorf, $92,500.

Nicholas L. Tarpein to Theodore M. Brown, 2118 W. 16th St., Davenport, $94,000.

Alyesha E. Martinez to Beth D. Bolinger, 1221 Pershing Ave., Davenport, $94,000.

Robert A. Martin to Amy Kendall, 1101 S. Michigan Ave., Davenport, $94,000.

Debra M. Sheehan to Sameera Qureshy, 4155 Mallard Court, No. 2, Bettendorf, $95,000.

Jeffrey Romans to Peggy Raushenberger, 1122 W. 17th St., Davenport, $95,000.

Future Capital LLC to Anna Sittenauer, 1727 W. 9th St., Davenport, $95,000.

Douglas E. Conklin to Cynthia McCabe, 2725 Fillmore Lane, Davenport, $95,000.

Kathleen A. Corrigan Revocable Trust to Gordon D. Siokos, 1104 Kimberly Road, No. 0904, Davenport, $95,000.

Rebecca A. Blaser to Jason Cousineau, 724 Brown St., Bettendorf, $95,000.

Bryan E. Briggs to James L. Work, 1430 Jersey Ridge Road, Davenport, $95,500.

Kristin A. Allen to Ann M. Empen, 3213 S. 16th Ave., No. 203, Eldridge, $96,000.

Josh Bolkema to Deborah A. Cox, 2302 W. 11th St., Davenport, $96,000.

Joel M. Alleman to Marty H. Lawson Sr., 2103 W. Pleasant St., Davenport, $96,000.

First Financial Group LC to Nicholas A. Humphrey, 1021 E. Central Park Ave., Davenport, $96,000.

Jeffrey A. Kranz to Gabriel A. Kranz, 621 E. Columbia Ave., Davenport, $97,000.

Michelle A. Brown-Earlywine to Emma K. Vogel, 2326 E. High St., Davenport, $97,500.

Lindsay M. Fox to Chase E. Stephens, 627 W. 31st St., Davenport, $98,000.

Marilyn J. Scherler Living Trust to Ben L. Scherler Living Trust, 1918 W. Garfield St., Davenport, $99,000.