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The Quad-City Times publishes all real estate deeds $50,000 and over without exception.


Shabby To Chic LLC to Michael J. Bassett, 3417 Moencks Road, Bettendorf, $355,000.

Hafner Properties LLC to Elizabeth Hafner, 6202 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport, $370,000.

Douglas K. Boyd to Alicia M. Brown, 803 Iowa Drive, Bettendorf, $380,000.

Associated Properties Corp Inc. to Ha-Da LLC, 5700 Emily Road, Bettendorf, $390,000.

Mark C. Wood Builders Ltd to Jeffrey Bartz, 6128 Belle Court, Davenport, $395,000.

Silverthorne Development Co. to Deborah A. Ross, 11 Joan Rose Court, Davenport, $397,000.

JH McCoy LLC to Kathryn Nichols, 6145 Christie Court, Davenport, $400,000.

John J. Long to Craig A. Sehmann, 3117 52nd Ave. Court, Davenport, $410,000.

Advance Homes Inc. to Lori I. Newberg, 5180 S. Richmond Circle, Davenport, $430,000.

Jacqueline S. Stepaniak Revocable Trust to Andrew E. Burns, 4977 Blackhawk Trail Court, Davenport $430,000.

Barbara A. Kuhl to Country Musick, 1012 Robert Edgar Court, LeClaire, $445,000.

Katherine Ann Criswell to Julie Ann Curran, 11 Cobblestone Lane, Davenport, $465,000.

Too Realty LLC to Jeremy A. Goldstein Trust, 5511 Willmeyer Drive, Bettendorf, $484,000.

River Valley Homes LLC to Kelly A. Warner, 6147 Belle Court, Davenport, $487,000.

Jean H. Steffenson to Randall McDonald, 2434 E. River Drive, Bettendorf, $520,000.

David W. Garnes to John J. Long, 22 Pebble Creek Circle, Bettendorf, $545,000.

James P. Olsen Revocable Trust to Allison E. Walsh, 5647 Judge Road, Bettendorf, $570,500.

Tri-State Comm LLC to M-L Grand Family LLC, 581 E. 53rd St., Davenport, $571,000.

Joseph H. Zrostlik LC to TW Development Inc., 750 S. 1st St., Davenport, $637,000.

Kelly Sue Salvadort to Michael J. Donart, 20 Hollows Court, Davenport, $672,500.

Judith K. Conger to AC/AO Properties LLC, 1030 S. Rolff St., Davenport, $684,000.

James M. Henzen Revocable Trust to Koetter Investments LLC, 28185 90th Ave., Davenport, $775,000.

Sally A. Miller Irrevocable Trust to Wearewe LLC, 4505 Utica Ridge Road, Eldridge, $825,000.

M-L Grand Family LLC to Pleepleus LLC, 3527 Kimberly Downs Road, Davenport, $955,000.

Tri-City Electric Co. of Iowa to D&D Property Holding LLC, 6225 Brady St., Davenport, $1,100,000.

Fazzini Family Trust to RCI Properties Davenport IA LLC, 5231 Brady St., Davenport, $1,300,000.

Jacko LLC to Leveraged Holdings LLC, 5510 Utica Ridge Road, Bettendorf, $1,800,000.

Sophie Ventures LLC to El Gato LLC, 1203 E. 11th St., Davenport, $1,840,000.

Sophie Ventures LLC to El Gato LLC, 1012 Bridge Ave., Davenport, $1,840,000.

1010 Kimberly Davenport LLC to Leveraged Holdings LLC, 1010 E. Kimberly Road, Bettendorf, $1,975,000.