A sturdy step stool is a must have item in any home. Whether you need to reach something on a top shelf in your kitchen, or you’re painting a room in your home, these stools will help you get the job done.

1) Extra Portability

This foldable step stool is one of the most portable options on our list, and opens with one easy flip of the hand. It holds up to 300 pounds, and will give you an extra 11 inches of height. It’s lightweight but surprisingly sturdy.

Jeronic 11-Inch Plastic Folding Step Stool available from Amazon

2) Big Reach Jobs

If you need a little extra height, reach for this 3-step steel frame stool from Rubbermaid for an extra 27.25 inches. The stool holds up to 200 pounds, and folds for easy storage. The large, sturdy plastic steps will make you feel stable.

Rubbermaid 3-Step Steel Frame Stool with Hand Grip available from Amazon

3) Stylish and Sturdy

If you want a more attractive step stool, this mahogany 2 or 3-step stool from Cosco is the perfect pick. The large 13-inch by 9-inch platform steps will help you get your footing. Simply fold it flat for storage.

Cosco Rockford Wood Step Stool, Mahogany available from Amazon

4) Just for Kids

This sturdy, comfortable stool for children has an anti-slip top to keep kids from falling. It has a maximum capacity of 70 pounds, and is perfect for potty training, or use around the house.

Kids Best Friend Step Stool available from Amazon