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Laundry isn’t just a chore that eats up your Sunday afternoon—it also adds up. You know you should use cold water, and wait until you have a full load, but you’re not seeing the kind of cost savings you want. Whether you’re schlepping clothes to a coin-operated machine in your building, or you’re tired of the skyrocketing water and electric bills, these tips will help you save money while doing laundry.

1) Line Dry Your Clothes

A one-time drying rack purchase can save you serious dough in the long run. Air drying your clothes will help you cutting down on your electric bill, or save a few dollars in quarters every month. It can also extend the lifespan of your favorite clothing, and it’s a simple way to live a little greener.

2) Clean Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine may not be working as efficiently as possible if it needs a through clean. These washer cleaner tablets are safe to use with top load, front load, high efficiency, and conventional washers, and will keep your machine odor-free and efficient.

3) And Your Dryer Duct

A clogged dryer duct can decrease performance, and extend the time of your drying cycles. Over time, lint buildup can also become a dangerous fire hazard. This efficient dryer vent cleaner brush is easy to use, and can help you extend the life of your appliance and avoid repairs.

4) Skip the Dryer Sheets

Sometimes you need to dry your clothes quickly, and line drying isn’t an option. You can still save money. Dryer sheets create extra waste, and can only be used once. On the other hand, no one wants clingy static clothing. That’s where wool dryer balls come in. The felted wool balls are environmentally friendly, remove static, can be used again and again, and shorten drying time by up to 25%.

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