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I’ll admit it. We spend far too much money on our satellite TV service. I’d love to be able to cut it out entirely because, really, so much is available in other ways now. Unfortunately until there are other ways to watch my husband’s baseball and football teams he loves that are only available with special packages, we won’t be able to do it. So we try to save money elsewhere so we can keep that. However, we do use some services that will cut your cost significantly if you do only that.

Find the right device

There are a number of devices available to stream your favorites. We have an Amazon Firestick for one of our TVs, and for under $40 (even less if you buy during sales), it’s a really great price to be able to stream so much. Of course that’s not the only device available; you just have to figure out what works best for your family and your TV; you can get a Roku, Apple TV, gaming systems or Smart TVs. We have upgraded two of our televisions to Smart TVs when our old models died out the last few years. This is most expensive option, but if you’re in need of a new television anyway, the upgrade was definitely worth it when we bought them with special sales.

Choose streaming services

Of course most people are familiar with Netflix and Hulu, and for as low as $7.99 for each, you can view quite a few shows. Netflix and Hulu also have so many popular exclusive shows, you might not even miss the standard cable networks because you’ll just find new favorite shows there. Frankly I haven’t decided if I like that Netflix seasons come out all at once rather than weekly because I definitely can get sucked in and want to binge watch, which is obviously their plan, while at the same time, I am glad I don’t have to wait when it’s really good. If you aren’t a Netflix user yet, you’ll have to decide what you like for yourself. My kids also love Netflix and it’s fun when they pick out some movie to watch that was around from my childhood that they think is totally brand new.

With Hulu, you still might be able to watch your favorite shows on demand, if you can just wait a day to see them. Amazon Prime users also have access to Prime Video, with some exclusive shows as well. If you really want to have live TV, there are options for that that are generally cheaper than your standard cable, like Hulu Live, SlingTV, and DirecTV Now, so you’d want to check out which ones have the best options for you and your family.

Get an antenna

If you’re really looking to save money, get rid of all of it and just get an antenna for your TV to pick up the local stations for free. Amazon has several options for around $30. You might not have a lot of variety, but you’ll likely pick up the major networks. This would be something I’d get for sure if we drop our cable because I do like to watch local news channels, and really most of the things I personally watch are on those same channels.

In all reality, I know we could drop it all and probably wouldn’t even miss it. OK, maybe my husband would miss the sports. But if things are really tight in your budget, and you haven’t cut the cord yet, this would be one place to start. Pick up a streaming device and service for significantly less a month, and I’m sure you won’t really miss it either.

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