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After what felt like the longest month ever (it’s not just me, right?), February is finally here. With the biggest television event of the year happening tomorrow (check ads for cheap Super Bowl party items, like snacks, soda and alcohol!), companies are trying to catch your attention. But try not to get too distracted by funny ads and keep your focus on the good deals of the month. February is always a busy month for me, but I still try to take advantage of the good deals this month has to offer. Here are some of the best deals for February.

Canned goods

February is Canned Goods Month (there’s really a month or a day for everything), which means you should be able to score some pretty great deals. Make some room in your pantry or cabinets to stock up on the low prices when you see them. The nice thing about canned goods is the long expiration dates, so it makes it easy to stock up for a few months. If you aren’t someone who likes to use many canned goods, consider purchasing at these low prices to donate to a food bank.

Valentine’s Day related items

Of course there will be lots of deals around typical Valentine’s Day gifts: jewelry, lingerie, perfume sets, chocolate, etc. However, flower prices can be very high if you wait until that day, so you might want to look for an alternative to flowers (plus, although I enjoy flowers, I personally can’t justify the high prices for them usually). Shop around a bit if you’re looking for more expensive jewelry ideas to see which store has the best offer. Of course the best deals on Valentine’s Day can be after the 14th. If you have little ones, pick up some Valentine’s Day cards to put away for next year. If you’re really looking to save some money, wait to celebrate a couple days after Valentine’s Day and pick up some clearance chocolate and other gifts. I mean, the chocolate will still taste just as good a couple days later. But guys, a tip: make sure your lady is on board with this, and don’t just tell her on Valentine’s Day that you have no gift because you wanted to wait for prices to go down. That won’t go over well.

Winter items

Though we still have plenty of cold days ahead of us, winter apparel and gear is already on the way out. I’m always surprised how early swimsuits make their appearance in the stores, especially when snow is still on the ground, but spring break will be here soon enough and plenty of people will be headed to the warmer climates. So if you still need some winter items, now is the time to buy. Be on the lookout for major markdowns in clothing, outerwear and snow-related needs. Don’t wait too long, or you’ll only find spring and summer items.

Shop President’s Day sales

Not item specific, I know. But stores will capitalize on the fact that many people have a long weekend, and they want to draw you to the stores in a time of year that is a little more slow for retail stores. So if you have any items you have been looking to get a good deal on, check out the ads for President’s Day, and look for coupons at the stores as well, to bring the cost down even more. Plus, if you’re in the market for a new mattress or other home goods, President’s Day sales can be one of the best times to buy.

Tax preparation software

It’s tax season, which means you probably have a lot to take care of to ensure you file your taxes properly. If you like to do this yourself, now is the time to look for good deals on the tax prep software. Generally buying it sooner than later will save you money; plus if you get your taxes done sooner, the sooner your refund comes (or the sooner you know what you owe and can make arrangements to pay before April 17, this year’s deadline).

Whatever you’re in the market for this month, be sure that you shop around. Stores want to draw in customers, so be smart with your hard-earned dollars and find the best deal possible. Avoid paying full price whenever possible, so stock up when you see good deals like these.