Despite the cold, rainy and windy weather we had last week, spring running weather will soon be here.

It’s Marathon Monday! As you sit reading this, many of the 30,000 Boston Marathon entrants are hopefully enjoying the culmination of many years’ worth of hard work. From initial forecasts, they face 26.2 miles of rain, wind and potentially temps dipping down into the 30’s.

The fine folks who were scheduled to run the Zumbro Endurance Runs (17, 50 and 100-mile trail races) up in Minnesota this past weekend had a late week cancellation of their events. A nasty snowstorm started blanketing the region on Wednesday and forced the cancellation due to the remoteness of the event.

In the two examples above, we are presented with less than ideal circumstances. For Boston, you get to run your race but face some real challenges from Mother Nature. For Zumbro, you don’t even get a chance to line up because of Mother Nature.

Certainly, both instances are frustrating for the participants. When faced with either circumstance, I’ve outlined a few items below that can help you make the best of the situation.

1. Overdress for the weather. In the instance of the folks running Boston, rain and temps near freezing create a real challenge to stay warm. While you might be fine the first few miles off the line, as you get further into the race, your body probably won’t be generating as much heat. Those that suffer the most seem to not wear a lightweight jacket. It’s a minimal piece of kit that can easily be removed if the rain stops or unzipped to vent if you start overheating. For temps in this range with external moisture included, wool is the way to go. Even when it gets wet, wool will retain some heat where as your tech fabrics won’t.

2. Schedule something else. For those impacted by the complete cancellation at Zumbro, don’t let that ruin a great block and all the fitness you’ve compiled over the past few months. I know that at the end of a training cycle, sometimes you just need a break. While you need to do what you feel is right, I highly recommend signing up for a different race in the coming weeks. For the longer of the events, 50 and 100 miles, those races aren’t as readily available so won’t be as easy to find a replacement. There is always the opportunity to do something self-supported in lieu of the race as well. Just don’t let all your hard work go to waste!

Despite the cold, rainy and windy weather we had last week, spring is here. If you haven’t had a chance to put an exciting event on your calendar, now is the time to do it!

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Jeramy Duffee is an RRCA Running Coach and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with racing and coaching experience ranging from 5K’s to 100-mile trail races. To inquire about coaching options, please email him at swingthegate@gmail.com