How many MetLife blimps are there?

• MetLife has three full-time blimps, “Snoopy One,” “Snoopy Two,” and "Snoopy J." Snoopy J flies in Japan.

Does MetLife own its blimps?

• MetLife leases the blimps from a company called Van Wagner Airship Group.

How many miles do the MetLife Blimps fly in a year?

• Together, “Snoopy One” and “Snoopy Two” combine to travel approximately 120,000 miles per year.

How many events do the MetLife Blimps cover in a given year?

• In a typical year, “Snoopy One” and “Snoopy Two” combine to cover approximately 70 events for networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, and The Golf Channel. The two blimps also provide over 100 flyovers and visits for special events in a given year.

How many people can fly in a MetLife Blimp at any one time?

• Only about 4 people plus the pilot can fly in the blimp at one time and only the cameraman, pilot, and TV equipment will fit on the airship when it is providing aerial television coverage.

How many crew members does it take to fly the MetLife Blimp?

• 14. Two pilots and 12 crew members. The ground crew includes electrical engineers, mechanics, licensed radio technicians, and riggers. In addition to these highly specialized personnel, each MetLife Blimp operation requires 5 ground support vehicles to move the blimp and crew from one location to the next.

Can the MetLife Blimp fly in all climates and geographic locations?

• Due to high altitudes and challenging terrain, the blimps do not fly in the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain area, Alaska, or Hawaii.

Where do the MetLife Blimps stay when they are not flying?

• The MetLife Blimps do not have a home base. The blimps stay at airports close to the events they are covering. In general, “Snoopy One” spends most of the year in the South, Northeast, and Midwest. It spends the winter in Florida. “Snoopy Two” spends the summer in the Northeast and Midwest, but the winter in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

What is the MetLife Blimp’s role in the PGA Tour?

• The MetLife Blimp provides aerial coverage throughout the season on the PGA TOUR. It can be seen throughout tournament week above the course enhancing the telecast and providing a unique perspective for fans.

When will a MetLife Blimp be in my area?

• The MetLife Blimp schedule can be found on the advertising section of the MetLife website. The schedule does change on a regular basis so check back often for the most up-to-date schedule.

How long do the MetLife Blimps stay in one place?

• The length of stay depends on whether the blimp is passing through town to another final destination or is in the area to cover a special event. If it is just passing through it will most likely only be in town for one day unless weather keeps it there longer. If it is in town to cover an event, however, it will remain there for the duration of the event.

Can the MetLife Blimp fly at night?

• The blimps can be illuminated and can fly at night. You can see photos of the blimp, including several of the blimp flying at night, on the advertising section of the MetLife website.

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