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Bob Garlock, of Davenport Boat, removes the bearing hub cover to do a quick check on Dan Galusha’s Ranger Trail trailer to see if there is any leakage.

In the spring, boaters are thinking about all the things that should be done to get their rigs ready for the season. Much of this is easier if, in the fall, a good winter storage check and service was made. Then, during the season, is there anything that should be of concern other than repairs? For this question and a couple of others, I went to my “marine information center captain” Bob Garlock of Davenport Boat Inc.

Bob is extremely busy, but he still took some time to answer questions.

First is what I’ve already stated — what should be done during the summer season? Bob says, “One service we do a lot of this time of year is trailer bearings and tires. People are getting ready for vacation road trips. There’s not a better way to ruin a vacation than with blown-out tires or locked-up wheel hubs somewhere on the highway.”

In regard to the tires, Bob added, “Tires should be checked for uneven tread wear, which can be caused by over or under inflation or a bent axle. Trailer tires should be kept at max pressure listed on the sidewall to insure maximum carrying capacity of the tire. Tires should also be examined for cracks and weathering anywhere on them.”

As for the protection of bearings, Garlock says, “Wheel hubs should be visually inspected regularly. If there is grease or oil leaking out there is water also getting in. Hubs should be completely disassembled and inspected at least every 10,000 miles or sooner if leakage is present.”

During the boat show time, and into the spring, a lot of boaters are purchasing boats and motors. When it rolls around to summer, some of the things that a person might want are low in stock. I asked Bob about that, and he replied, “Manufacturers and vendors do run low on stock this time of year. Trolling motors, depth finders, props and outboards, and parts for the outboards, get low in stock and are often back ordered do to high demand.

In fact, outboards are way behind in production due to demand and the boat builders, with package rigs, taking a large amount of the inventory from manufactures rigging boats for the 2019 model year.”

It was also mentioned that Davenport Boat is already booking spots for winter storage, so sounds like that is another thing to consider before it gets away.

I want to thank Bob for taking the time from his extremely busy schedule to answer these few questions, the answers for which may help save you a bad experience on the road, or for missing out on purchasing a certain product.

For further questions stop by Davenport Boat, call 563-326-2431, or visit their website at, where you can find all of their contact information.

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Dan Galusha caught his first solo fish at the age of 3, started his fishing career in 1973, wrote for newspapers and magazines, hosted radio and TV shows, won awards in fishing and media, conducted seminars, competed in and ran tournaments, and in 2012 was inducted as a Legendary Communicator in the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.


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