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DES MOINES — Fred Hubbell’s gubernatorial campaign raised more than $3 million in 2017, the campaign told the Lee Enterprises Des Moines Bureau on Thursday.

Hubbell, a Des Moines businessman and one of seven Democrats vying to be the party’s candidate for governor in this fall’s general election, got individual donors from each of Iowa’s 99 counties, the campaign said.

Of the more than $3 million Hubbell raised in 2017, nearly all of it — 99.8 percent — came from individual donors, and more than 80 percent came from Iowans, the campaign said.

“Going into the election year, we can feel the momentum and energy for Fred everywhere we go,” Michelle Gajewski, Hubbell’s campaign manager, said in a statement.

“From the start, Fred has been committed to running a people-driven Iowa campaign, not one beholden to special interests. The breadth and depth of Fred’s support, in every single one of Iowa’s 99 counties, reflects the widespread progressive coalition that is uniting behind a lifelong progressive champion of causes like Planned Parenthood and access to mental health care.”

The Hubbell campaign did not say how much money the candidate has spent — he has been airing television advertisements since the fall — how much remains in his campaign account or whether Hubbell has donated to his own campaign. Those details will be revealed Friday when state campaign finance reports are due.

The primary election in Iowa is June 5.

The other Democrats running for governor are state senator Nate Boulton, nurse and union leader Cathy Glasson, former Barack Obama and Tom Vilsack aide John Norris, physician and former state party chairwoman Andy McGuire, former Iowa City mayor Ross Wilburn, and party activist Jon Neiderbach.

Hubbell previously announced he had raised $1 million over the first three weeks of his campaign, which began in mid-July.

“With Fred’s vision to get Iowa growing by putting people first, expanding access to healthcare, education and job training, and getting incomes rising, he’s uniting Iowans all across this state, rural and urban,” Gajewski said.

Boulton raises $1.1 million

Boulton raised nearly $1.1 million in 2017, his campaign told the liberal political news website Iowa Starting Line. The campaign told the website that Boulton has raised an additional $200,000 since then.