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The Quad-City International Airport is trying to get an old point across in its most recent ad campaign, "Easier."

Amid testimonials about the ease of flying out of the Moline airport, the overall point of the campaign is this: If you include more than just the price of flying from Point A to Point B, Quad-City International may be your best bet. The ads are appearing on TV and digitally.

To assist flyers, the the airport has a "True Trip Cost Calculator" on its website,, where they can enter:

• Starting address

• Days parked at a departure airport

• The value of your time, per hour

• Roundtrip airfare from the Quad-City airport to O’Hare International Airport, Midway Airport and airports in Cedar Rapids and Peoria

"We really wanted to focus on leakage of people that would be flying anyway," said Ben Leischner, executive director of the airport.

"Leakage" refers to people in the Quad-Cities who could be taking flights from Quad-City International but instead start trips at one of the aforementioned airports.

The campaign wants to remind those flyers that, "Hey, there’s an option worth checking right here at the airport," Leischner said.

"The ticket fares may be cheaper out of Chicago," Leischner said. "But when you account for the drive time and the other time and everything else, it may make a lot more sense just to go out of MLI (abbreviation for Moline on air travel tickets) instead."

Quad-City International's marketing dollars were freed up early this summer from past budgeted ad money that touted flying out of Moline to Hawkeye fans in the Iowa City region.

The new ad campaign will run for a while, Leischner said, even though airport ridership is up for the first time many years.

"We are just trying to get the name back out there in the community and be more visible locally vs. just regionally," he said. 

"Lots of people just focus on price and really just get to the fare or the price."

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