WHAT WE KNOW: A lot of Andover residents have taken to the village Facebook page to complain about Andover postal service.

WHAT'S NEW: Andover Mayor Mike Mielke took a cue from one person asking what local government was doing about the situation to act. He contacted the postmistress who oversees five post offices and then State Rep. Dan Swanson. The chief complaints were packages and mail not being delivered, bills being returned and people missing payments, and medications either not delivered at all or not in a timely manner. It was stated the post office has a rule that it will not have to deliver mail if it doesn't include the post office box, but only the street number, but this contrasts with past practice.

Swanson contacted U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth's office and two representatives from her office met with the mayor at Swanson's office in Woodhull last week. Halle O'Connor indicated a privacy act release form is the primary means of getting citizens' voices heard. Forms will be available at the village office and the post office.

Mielke said he heard from O'Connor earlier in the day on Monday, and she referred all the information to the Illinois Government Relations Manager who handles public policy for the U.S.P.S. and is the Congressional contact for Illinois. She said to expect a response in two to three weeks.

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Mielke said he also learned people can try to register with the website https://informeddeliveryusps.com for a daily e-mail of visual images of what you'll be receiving in the mail; however, he said he tried to enter his address to no avail.

WHAT'S NEXT: Trustees on Monday approved $33,814.30 to Hirsch Construction for work to date on the new maintenance building. engineers concluded a new roof wouldn't be structurally sound on the old uprights, so insurance is giving the village a check for $129,000 for the building's replacement. Andover had wanted to add two restrooms and an office, but is now proposing taking one bathroom out of the project for savings and to have additional storage space. They may be ready to put in concrete now, and a bid of $5,000 has been obtained for the septic fields and tank. "I think we can still get by with close to what we're going to get paid for the replacement cost of the building," said Mielke.


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