Eaglets hatched

Two eaglets hatched as of Friday in the nest at Arconic Davenport Works in Riverdale. 

The Arconic eagles have become the proud parents of another pair of eaglets. 

The second eaglet hatched sometime between 3 and 6 a.m. Friday, spokesman John Riches said. The first egg had hatched mid-day Wednesday. 

"They're about a day and a half apart, which is good spacing," he said, adding "Being hatched closer together increases the likelihood of the second one being successful."

If the first one "has too much of a headstart" it can get more food than the younger one. 

Since 2009, the eagle parents — Liberty and Justice — have fledged 14 other eaglets in the nest, located on Arconic's riverfront property in Riverdale. For the past nine years, the birds and their offspring have been the stars of the EagleCam, which provides a live web feed from the nest.  

Riches said the EagleCam website has had 600,000 visits this year already. "So there should be a lot of viewership for the next 10 weeks until they start to fly."

Last year, there was not a viable egg, but even without a hatching the site drew more than 1 million web visitors. 

The last eaglets to hatch were in 2017 when there were three, who were named Apollo, Gemini and Mercury through an online contest. In 2016, Eaglecam fans named the two eaglets that hatched Sky and Star. 

All five of those eaglets were equipped with tracking devices that have continued to follow their flight patterns as part of a migrating eagle study. 

Apollo, Gemini, Mercury and Sky still are being monitored, Riches said. "But we haven't heard from Star in 300-plus days."

He said that could mean the tracking unit has stopped working.  "If he'd been killed by a car or something, we'd hope someone would turn in the tracking device." 

A contest to name the new eaglets will be announced at the end of the month.

To watch the eagles and their new eaglets, visit Arconic EagleCam at https://livestream.com/accounts/1538473/EagleCam.

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