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Quad-Citians voiced support or opposition to the Iowa Supreme Court ruling that legalizes gay marriage.
Also among the opinions was indifference from people who said they wouldn’t be personally affected or thought “to each their own.”
“I’m a huge supporter of freedom and liberty,” Michael Hogan of Davenport said Friday at a downtown coffee shop. “It is not that I agree with everything people do, but I believe in upholding freedom and liberty.”
Bill Jabus of Davenport was working behind the counter. He has been married for 43 years.
“I see absolutely nothing wrong with it,” he said of the decision. “Equal rights. No problem.”
Jessica Duffey of Davenport said she agrees with the ruling because it provides legal standing to same-sex couples.
“I think they should have equal rights for things like health care and beneficiaries and other legal areas,” she said.
After the noon service at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Davenport, reaction ranged from outright disapproval to understanding to seeing a need for civil unions.
“A man and a woman is the right thing,” Rich Janik of Taylor Ridge, Ill., said about defining marriage. “What else is next?”
Sue Broderick of Rock Island said love should be the determining factor in a marriage.
“If people care for each other, that is more important than other issues,” she said.
Bill Burns of Davenport straddled the issue. He sees the need for some type of institution to allow same-sex couples to have legal standing. He preferred the term civil union, rather than marriage.
“I don’t think you should call it marriage,” he said. “Marriage by definition is a man and a woman.”

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