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Scott County Courthouse and Jail

Scott County Courthouse and Jail

Q. I was wondering whether it is possible to volunteer for jury duty in Scott County? After living in Davenport and being a registered voter for over 40 years, I have only ever been summoned for jury duty two or three times. And every time I've shown up I've found in conversation with others on that day that they have been summoned "numerous" times. I find the judicial system of this country quite fascinating and would not hesitate to take my place in the courtroom. But they never call. But I would volunteer. Is there something that triggers you name getting pulled from the pool? -- Christy

A. We contacted the Scott County Clerk of Court Office to find out. Holly Swafford, Scott County Clerk of Court Office judicial specialist IV, jury manager, responded:

"I wanted to reply to your question regarding the jury selection process. All our the jurors who we summons every week come from a random list that is created by using our jury system. We pull from drivers license records and the voter registration list. I input how many people I need and the computer gives me the list. I hope this answers your question, please feel free to contact me any time for any other questions or concerns."

Clerk of District Court Scott & Cedar Counties

Scott County Courthouse

400 W. 4th St.

Davenport, Iowa 52801-1104

Phone: 563-326-8647

Fax: 563-326-8298

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Julie Carlin

Clerk of Court


Q. Could you check with Davenport traffic control about the left turn arrow at north-bound Jersey Ridge Road at Kimberly Road? It is always extremely short, no matter how many cars are in the lane. Even if cars start moving immediately when the arrow comes on, only two can get through on the arrow. Since it is so short, several cars usually try to rush through when they shouldn't, making this unsafe. A somewhat longer cycle at that busy intersection would be great. -- J., Davenport

A. We contacted the City of Davenport for more information. Gary Statz, Davenport traffic engineer, responded:

"The turn arrow times for north and southbound Jersey Ridge are the same and are fairly short. I noticed four vehicles making it through on the turn arrow (including yellow arrow) for the southbound left turns and anyone who didn't make it found a gap to turn during the remainder of the green light on Jersey Ridge. The problem for northbound is the fact that there is a 5 percent uphill grade leading up to the intersection, so the first vehicles are not accelerating as quickly. In order to maintain the traffic flow on Kimberly Road, we need to keep the same total green time for both Kimberly Road and Jersey Ridge Road. We can reallocate some of the through movement green time on Jersey Ridge to the turn arrows without too much problem there. We will continue to monitor the intersection after the timing changes have been made to ensure we haven’t caused backups in the other lanes."

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