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Q. I see where Davenport parochial schools starting times have been changed by the Davenport school district Board of Education which makes me wonder if they have any supervision over these schools or any supervision over the "home schooled?" -- Bob, Davenport

A. We contacted the Davenport Community School District with your questions. Dawn Saul, Davenport Community School District communications/media relations, responded:

"Thank you for this interesting question!

"While we do not have supervision over the parochial schools, changes to our bus schedules can impact the start times for our public schools, as well as the students of non-public schools within our district boundaries. Iowa Code Section 285.1(14) mandates that public school districts in Iowa offer transportation to non-public school students within its boundaries on the same basis as provided for resident public school students.

"The Davenport Community School District worked with a consultant to come up with a bus schedule model with the goal of streamlining routes and in doing so, providing cost savings to the Davenport Community Schools general fund. The district did consult with the Davenport non-public school administrations to come to an understanding on a schedule that everyone felt they could support.

"Home-schooled students parents or guardians may, under Iowa Code, choose to have contact with the public school or they may choose to have no contact. Under the Home School Assistance Program (HSAP), a licensed teacher is assigned to the family and meets with them face-to-face every six weeks. The teacher does not 'teach' the student(s), but serves as a resource for parents/guardians who are home-schooling through this program. This means that the teacher may supply DCSD curriculum for the student’s grade level and may also help parents access instructional materials, such as books, through a check out process."

Q. I was wondering what could be done about noise (music) in the parking lot? It's all different times of the day, from morning till morning. I can't say anything to the landlord, because he will flip out or not care. Hard to call the police because they may stay an hour or 30 minutes in the car. -- Reader

A. Ultimately, the police would have to be contacted to issue a warning or a ticket for violating noise ordinances. If you don't want to contact the landlord or the police directly, you may want to contact your city council member, the city council or the mayor. If you have a neighborhood watch group or a community caring conference, you may want to contact them. If not, you may want to ask your neighbors if they are bothered by the noise and go to the police or city council member as a group. If you have a phone with video capability or a video camera, you may want to record a particularly noisy night to provide as evidence. The only other options might be to ask these people directly to please "quiet down" or leave a note on their car or apartment to please "quiet down."

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