Q. It's 2:15 p.m. and 76 degrees on Sunday (Aug. 6, 2017) at Fejervary Pool in Davenport. There are 20-25 kids lined up to get into the pool. There is a sign that says the pool will be closing at 3 p.m. due to lack of attendance. This is the second time this has happened. Why is the city closing the pool early when there are people wanting to use the pool? — Reader

A. We contacted the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department to find out. Scott Hock, parks and recreation director, responded: "Thank you for asking about our weather policy at the Davenport Pools. We also try to make sure our residents can enjoy our facilities and still be fiscally responsible as well. Our general rule is to open when the temperature is 70 degrees F or above with no threatening weather conditions in the immediate area. In this particular case, our staff did make an error in opening this day. The decision to not open on Sunday was based on the forecasted temperature for the day and not the actual temperature at opening time. We do apologize to those that came down to enjoy the pool that day and have communicated with staff that the weather-related decisions need to be made on the actual weather conditions at opening time and not the forecasted conditions. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention, and we hope we have fixed the problem."

Q. I saw in a recent edition of the Quad-City Times that "Quarters One" on the Rock Island Arsenal would be available for tours later this month ($10 admission). I have a great deal of interest in the Antoine LeClaire House located at 630 E. 7th St. in Davenport. It is currently administered by the city of Davenport's parks and recreation department. Their website states that it is closed to the public and not available for rental or tours. In my opinion, both structures are of equal historical significance. Does the city have any plans to open the house, say one day a year, like the Quarters One mansion? — David

A. We contacted the Davenport parks and recreation to find out. Scott Hock, parks and recreation director, responded: "We appreciate people letting us know when there are problems or concerns so we can fix them. I am sorry of the delay on my response, but I had to do a little research on this one as we do have events at the LeClaire House at different times during the year and I was not sure how to address the question. We have discovered that we have information about the LeClaire House in a few different locations on our web page and while one gave the correct information about calling our office to schedule a visit, one page did list that the facility was not available at this time. We have updated the information on both pages so everyone should be able to see that those wishing to look at the house should call the Parks and Recreation Office (563-326-7812) to do so. The city of Davenport and the Scott County Historic Preservation Society have done extensive rehabilitation on this wonderful bluff-top home that was constructed in 1855-56 by Antoine LeClaire. It truly is a must see in Davenport."

To read a story from June about the house and the restoration work, go to bit.ly/2uZ0hrt.

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