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Moline Water Division

City of Moline Water Division. (Contributed)

Q. Why is our water billed by the cubic feet instead of gallons? – Bruce, Moline

A. We contacted the city of Moline to find out. Randi Haley, Moline public works department utility billing & customer service manager, responded:

"Thank you for reaching out to the city of Moline regarding this recent inquiry. Moline's practice is actually contrary to the question below; we bill in thousand gallon increments (our water costs less than a penny per gallon, so it is unreasonable to bill for single gallon units). We do frequently encounter confusion between our municipality and the city of East Moline. I can confirm that the city of East Moline bills in cubic feet versus gallons given previous confusion between our cities on this matter.

"I cannot provide an answer to why the city of Moline elected to bill in gallons instead of cubic feet when first establishing billing practices. I can tell you that once the practice has been established, there would be significant expense to converting reading units. Meter registers are purchased specifically for reading gallons or cubic feet, so a service provider would have to invest in the replacement of all those assets to convert between reading units.

"I hope that you find this information to be helpful. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance."

For more information about the water division or water bills in the City of Moline visit

Q. Is there a list of Davenport Community School District superintendents? -- Davenport reader

A. The Davenport School Museum provided the following list:

Abram S. Kissel July 1858 - November 1864

Dr. C. D. Perry December 1864 - September 1865

W. O. Hiskey October 1865 - February 1867

Wells A. Bemis March 1867 - July 1869

W. E. Crosby August 1869 - May 1874

Phebe W. Sudlow June 1874 - June 1878

John B. Young July 1878 - June 1907

Frank L. Smart July 1907 - September 1936

Irvin H. Schmitt October 1936 - June 1943

Irvin R. Rosa July 1943 - June 1944

Paul B. Jacobson July 1944 - June 1947

Harold J. Williams July 1947 - June 1959

Dr. Anthony Marinaccio July 1959 - January 1964

Wallace Wood February 1964 - June 1964 (Acting Superintendent)

Dr. Harold M. Kaiser July 1964 - February 1973

Wallace Wood February 1973 - August 1973 (Acting Superintendent)

Dr. Lee J. Grebner September 1973 - September 1979

Dr. Ted Gray September 1979 - March 1985

Dr. Daryl Spaans March 1985 - July 1986 (Acting Superintendent)

Dr. Peter Flynn September 1986 - June 1994

Dr. Brad Allison July 1994 - June 1998

Dr. Jim Blanche August 1998 - July 2004

Dr. Norbert Scheurman July 2004 - July 2006

Julio Almanzo July 2006 - June 2011

Dr. Arthur Tate July 2011 - June 2019

Q. Who assesses the Scott County Assessor's property? -- Bob, Davenport

A. Tom McManus, Scott County Assessor, said, "In the state of Iowa, all properties are assessed by the Assessor's Office (who's jurisdiction they are located in), however, per Iowa Code Chapter 427, properties used for municipal purposes are exempt from property taxation."

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