Q. Several readers have asked about construction on West 53rd Street near Pine Street in Davenport. What is going up there? — Readers

A. According to information on NAI Ruhl Commercial Co. website, bit.ly/2xaDf5c, the property at 2225 W. 53rd St., Davenport, is a building with 1,000 to 2,300 square feet retail or office space. Coffee Revolution is an anchor tenant. 

We have contacted NAI Ruhl Commercial Co. for additional information. We will include any response in a follow up.

Q. Is there any plan to resurface the bike path through Junge Park? It's by far the worst section between Emeis and Duck Creek. — Rick

A. We contacted the city of Davenport to find out. Scott Hock, parks and recreation director, responded:

"Thank you for asking about improvements to Duck Creek bike path. We are systematically working our way through the trails in Davenport and currently improving three of the spur connections that connect the bike path to the neighborhoods. These improvements should be completed soon, and staff has already began preparing documents for our next improvements, which will be in the Junge Park area. Our plan is to have bid information out soon and work to coordinate a spring construction project.

"Thank you again for asking and enjoy the trails."

Q. I don't understand why we are testing the new I-74 bridge supports by pouring a test pier. Why was this test pouring not done before approval of the bridge design? What happens if it does not work? Does the bridge require a design change? Seems to me that the engineers are just dreaming up ideas, with no thought to if the design will work. — Donald

A. We contacted the Iowa Department of Transportation regarding your questions. Danielle Mulholland, I-74 project manager, Iowa DOT District 6, responded:

"The mock pier is not a test of capacity, strength, or design. Rather, it is a quality control procedure used to verify the adequacy of the concrete placement techniques proposed by the contractor (in this case, Civil Constructors). Iowa DOT visually inspects and takes samples from the mock pier to obtain a definitive verification that the contractor’s means and methods comply with the conditions set forth in our design and specifications. This is something that we are not able to test prior to construction because there are several contractor-driven factors that influence the quality of the completed pier such as concrete delivery and placement methods and form design, erection, and removal."

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