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Q. I'm curious about the recent arrival of all the new solar powered speed cameras in Davenport. There's a new pair on Eastern Avenue and a couple new ones on Brady Street and several other places I've seen across town. Did the city get a B1G1 deal or a bundle price from some vendor and decide they just couldn't pass up the bargain? And are they taking photos? I see a blue light sometimes when I pass them? What's the deal? -- Christy

A. We contacted the the Davenport Police Department and the city of Davenport for more information. Lt. Shawn Voigts #620, traffic safety bureau commander, responded:

"The items mentioned by your reader are speed monitors. They are a joint venture with public works and the police department. They are speed monitors only and do not take pictures or issue ATE (automated traffic enforcement) citations. They record data such as the number of vehicles that pass them, the speed they are going and the date/time of day. This data helps us use our law enforcement resources in a more efficient manner. Public works, the police department and others met prior to installation and jointly decided on the locations based on safety concerns, citizen input and previous traffic data."

Q. What does Vander Veer Botanical Park use to prevent blackspot on their roses? -- Mary and Bill

A. We contacted the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department to find out. Jennifer Meyer, horticultural technician with the department, responded:

"We use an alternating spray schedule every two weeks in the Vander Veer rose garden. Week one we use Mancozeb. Week 2 we will use Banner Maxx then repeat. Both pesticides are used to prevent black spot. We typically start this the end of April and continue thru fall. Additionally we will spray the roses with Mancozeb as soon as we uncover them in the spring just to clean up any fungal spores that might be left from the year before.

"We use preventative measures too. We water only with underground irrigation since overhead watering can keep the foliage too wet (causing ideal growing conditions for black spot) and can splatter fungal spores from bush to bush. This is also the reason we try to periodically remove fallen leaves from under and around the rose bushes."

Q. In the Iowa-Iowa State football game on Sept. 8, why did it take so long for Nate Stanley to start the game and why did the official drop a flag? – Bob, Davenport

A. Quad-City Times sports reporter Steve Batterson who covered the Iowa-Iowa State game said, "The Hawkeyes were penalized for delay of game prior to Iowa’s first offensive snap.

"Under a rule change this season designed to help speed up play, after all kickoffs and touchdowns, the play clock is immediately set to 40 seconds. Iowa did not snap the ball to open its drive within that allotted time after receiving the opening kickoff in the Iowa State game and was penalized for it."

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