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Naomi Young, left, was presented a box from GySgt David Caisse Jr. on behalf of Toys for Tots. Young decided to celebrate her 11th birthday with a toy drive for the organization.

Q. We recently purchased a Mercedes Benz Winnebago RV – and have found the RV community to be a very friendly, approachable group – willing to answer our many questions. But when it comes to safeguarding our vehicle’s value, we don’t know who to believe when it comes to purchasing fuel. Many multi-pump stations are now providing at least one pump with diesel. Our fuel tank is labeled to use only low sulfur diesel. But when we pulled up to the pump, we have seen the diesel product described with a variety of labels, including #1 Diesel, #2 Diesel, Highway Diesel, Biodiesel, Truck Diesel, and Low Sulfur Diesel. Are these all different products? We've even seen one labeled from 5- 25 percent biodiesel. Please ask your experts on the recommended diesel fuel type to keep our engine running its best!  Do we keep driving until we find a pump specifically labeled low sulfur diesel? -- Karen, LeClaire, Iowa

A. We contacted Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, and the Iowa Department of Agriculture, regarding your questions. Customer Care Center, Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, responded:

"Thank you for the inquiry from one of your readers. Using the correct diesel fuel is very important. In the U.S. all fuel stations are required to post the type for fuel being dispensed. For our Sprinter vehicles Ultra-Low Sulfur Highway Diesel Fuel ( ULSD ) is required. We have a brochure on www.mbusa.com that provides pictures of labels and additional information on approved diesel fuels. Here is the direct link to that brochure. https://www.mbusa.com/vcm/MB/DigitalAssets/pdfmb/serviceandparts/biodiesel_Brochure5.pdf

If your readers have any questions regarding our vehicles they can contact our Customer Care Center directly at 1-800-367-6372.

The response from the Iowa Department of Agriculture more lengthy than we could publish in Ask the Times. To view the full response from the Iowa Department of Agriculture, visit qctimes.com/askthetimes

Q. I would like to be able to give locally to Toys for Tots or Make-A-Wish. I get their letters in the mail. Is there a possible way to get a hold of either of those organizations Locally? -- Joyce, Davenport

A. According to information on the Quad-Cities Toys for Tots website the Toys for Tots coordinator is Gunnery Sergeant David Caisse. The email contact is:

RockIslandT4T@usmc.mil The phone contact is 309-782-6044 ext 307.

We contacted the Iowa Chapter of Make-A-Wish. Casady Christiansen, marketing and communications manager, responded:

"The committee chair in Davenport is Stephanie Eckhardt email is seckhardt@vibrantcreditunion.org Her cell number is 563-940-2442.

"Carol Tebockhorst is our staff person in the Iowa City area her email is ctebockforst@iowa.wish.org or her cell is 319-330-3452."

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