Q. I have seen handicapped parking signs for years, with a variety of designs and fines. The stated fines range from $0 to $250 here in the Quad-Cities. Most of the signs are on private or commercial property. Who decides what the fine will be? Who enforces it, and how, especially on private property? Who gets the money from the fine, assuming it is ever collected? -- Joe, Bettendorf

A. We contacted the Bettendorf Police Department to find out. Bettendorf Police Chief Keith T. Kimball responded:

"We no longer use the term handicapped parking in the code but instead it is now referred to as 'Persons With Disabilities Only.' We are allowed to enforce these parking violations on public and private property per city and state code. Under the state code it is a scheduled fine of $200 + a $70.00 surcharge + $60 in court costs for $330.00 total. A removable windshield placard must be displayed at the time the space is being used and the person with the disability must be either the driver or passenger in the vehicle.

“For enforcing a public street parking violation there must be a vertical sign posted with the proper international 'Persons With Disabilities Only' sign (blue background with white) indicating the space. "Any parking spot, either private or public, other than on street parking would need both the painted symbol on the pavement and the vertical sign posted in front of the space for enforcing a violation.”

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"The fines go to either the local, county, or state government just as all other misdemeanor scheduled fines do depending on whether they are written as a municipal or state violation. If the fine is not paid then it could be grounds to not allow the renewal of the motor vehicle registration of that vehicle until it is paid."

Q. What is being built way out on the north side of West Kimberly Road? It's east of I-280 and west of the Davenport West High sports complex/ball fields. -- Donna

A.  According to an article by Quad-City Times reporter Alma Gaul published on March 29, 2018, it is the new $23 million Iowa National Guard Davenport Readiness Center located at West Kimberly Road and Wisconsin Avenue in Davenport. The article said the new center will be one-story and 86,000 square feet located at 5300 W. Kimberly Road. The project is expected to be completed by the spring of 2019.

To read the full article by Alma Gaul visit qctimes.com/askthetimes

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