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The Aldi Davenport store located at 5262 Elmore Avenue re-opened Thursday, November 16, 2017 after being closed for five weeks for a remodling project that added 2200 square feet of space. Aldi announced it intends to invest $12 million to enhancing 10 stores in the Davenport, Rock Island and Moline-Area Stores by 2019.

Q. In layman's terms what is the NFL's concussion protocol? And how does it impact Gronk's ability to play in the Super Bowl LII? – Michael, Bettendorf

A. Quad-City Times sports reporter Don Doxsie said, "This is from a recent Indianapolis Star story:

"Here are the steps in the NFL's Return to Practice Protocol

  1. "Rest and recovery - "The first step in his recovery will be rest "until his signs and symptoms and neurologic examination, including cognitive and balance tests, return to baseline status." Neurological testing can be introduced at any point during the first three steps in the process.
  2. "Light aerobic exercise - "This is conducted under the oversight of the team medical staff and can include cardio, stretching and balance training.
  3. "Continued aerobic exercise and strength training - "These activities may "mimic sport-specific activities."
  4. "Football-specific activities - "These activities are non-contact and can include throwing, catching, running, etc.
  5. "Full football activity - "Once the player has been cleared by the team physician and neurological consultant, he can participate in practice and games."

"If a player exhibits reoccurring signs of the concussion during any point in the process, they return to the prior step.

"The NFL amended its procedures in December but that only applied to what takes place when a concussion is suspected on the field during a game. The follow-up protocol for returning a player to games and practice remains unchanged. The Associated Press reported on Saturday that Gronkowski returned to practice so it appears he has cleared the protocol and will play in the game."

Q. Rebuilding Aldi's store. I thought it was fairly new store. Why have we never had ALDI on West Rockingham Road, Davenport, remodeled? It was closed and never remodeled or reopened. Do they think we are second class citizens? Any and everything has been closed down and moved away. My tax money also helps and has to be accounted for. Nearest ALDI is five miles or more away from my home, and I don't drive. The excuse was the building they were based in was in ill repair. Wow! There is a car sales lot there now. – Anna

A. ALDI Dwight Division Vice President Heather Moore said, "After nearly 20 years in operation, our Davenport store located at 2825 Rockingham Road closed on Dec. 31, 2011. However, ALDI continues to have a strong presence in the Davenport community. Local shoppers can visit our stores nearby at:

  • 1702 Brady St., Davenport, Iowa
  • 5262 Elmore Ave., Davenport, Iowa
  • 1880 38th St., Rock Island, Illinois
  • 4211 Avenue of the Cities, Moline, Illinois
  • 1210 18th St., Silvis, Illinois.

"Additionally, last year we announced a $12 million investment to enhance 10 of our stores in Davenport, Rock Island, Moline and the surrounding metropolitan areas. The upgrades are part of our $1.6 billion nationwide plan to remodel more than 1,300 U.S. ALDI stores by 2020.

"With this investment in our Quad-Cities stores, what we’re really doing is continuing to invest in ALDI customers – giving the people who know and love ALDI, as well as new fans, an even better, more welcoming store to shop."

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