Q. There is stoplight on Devils Glen and Pleasant Drive in Bettendorf. It used to only turn red on Devils Glen Road during school drop off and pick up hours and seemed to be on a sensor the rest of the day. So, it would only turn red the rest of the day if there was someone on Pleasant Drive or coming out of the school driveway or if someone pushed the button for the crosswalk. For over the last year it seems to be on a timer and will turn red on Devils Glen Road when there are no pedestrians or traffic at the intersection. So, then there a four lanes of traffic stopped for several minutes. What is the reason the city changed it? Can it go back to a sensor? -- Reader

A. Brian Schmidt, Bettendorf public works director, said, "The Devils Glen Road and Pleasant Drive intersection is controlled via camera detection, no different than it was over the past few years. However, we are aware that the camera appears to deteriorating which is causing false calls to be sent to the controller which in turn triggers the signal to change when no one is present on Pleasant Drive or the school driveway. We have budgeted for its replacement within the traffic funding in our Community Improvement Program for this upcoming fiscal year which begins July 1."

Q. About a year ago there was a big fuss about the Kwik Star that was going to be built on Devils Glen across from the Maple Glen division. So far we don't see anything happening. Did that fall through? – James and Judy

A. We contacted Bettendorf and Kwik Star with your question. John Soenksen, Bettendorf community development director, responded:

"Thanks for the question. Bettendorf's Building Inspection Department received a building permit application for that project just in the last few days. Following the appropriate plan review by the department, the building permit will be issued. We anticipate that the developer will break ground on the project in the near future with completion likely occurring during this building season. On a related note, there is the possibility that three Kwik Star stores could potentially be built in Bettendorf this year: 3510 Belmont Road, 6910 Middle Road (near TBK Bank Sports Complex), and 1011 Utica Ridge Place (near the former Lodge Hotel on Utica Ridge Road)."

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