Locust Street closure

The eastbound lanes of a block-long stretch of East Locust Street have been closed because of a sewer and water line collapse, the Davenport Police Department said Tuesday. The affected area is between Kenwood Avenue and Forest Road, a few blocks west of Kimberly Road. Police said the two westbound lanes are open to traffic, but that could change depending on conditions at the site. Eastbound traffic is being detoured south onto Kenwood Avenue and then east on Middle Road.

Q. In spite of claims to the contrary the traffic lights on East Locust Street since it was repaved are not the same. At Forest Road the light is not on sensors but rather a timer. Traffic on Locust is often stopped even though there is no traffic on Forest Road. Traffic is often backed up a full block. This occurs at all hours of the day and night. Is anyone there? Does anyone care?

At Locust and Eastern the light is also not on sensors, the traffic on Eastern is often light but the green light is on for the North/South directions. Locust Street left turn arrows are showing up in the absence of vehicles in the left turn lanes. Any claim that the city has the signals as they were before is not correct as I have been driving this street at least twice daily at all hours for over 21 years and know better.

I was hopeful that this was a temporary situation that followed the construction but now after this time period it appears to be permanent. Why? -- Joe

A. Gary Statz, Davenport traffic engineer, responded:

"The traffic signals on Locust Street at Forest operate the same now as they did before the construction project last year. The detector loops on Forest were replaced during the project so traffic on Locust should not stop when there is no traffic on Forest. These signals might seem like they are on a timer because the three easternmost signals on Locust that are the jurisdiction of the City of Davenport (at Forest, Kenwood and Marlo/park entrance) are in a coordinated system so that Locust Street traffic doesn’t have to stop at more than one of these intersections. That is why the delay from the side street might seem a little long. If there is no traffic at any of these side streets, Locust will remain green. This has been checked recently by the signal employees and it was working as I have described.

"The Locust and Eastern intersection was not in the construction limits of last year’s project. There are vehicle detection loops in all directions there but many of them have recently broken. When a loop is broken, it sends a constant message to the controller as if there is traffic driving over it. That is why the left turn arrows are on despite the lack of traffic. Because there are so many loops to repair, we will likely replace the detection at this intersection with video detection. You are correct in noting that there is something wrong at that intersection. We will fix it as soon as the equipment arrives.

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