Q. I enjoyed reading the article by Graham Ambrose about the old Scott County Courthouse published on March 24. I understand the dome was removed from the old Scott County Courthouse several years before it was demolished. Can you tell me when the dome was removed? -- Bob, Davenport

A. According to information published in several Davenport newspapers, it was sometime between Friday, Nov. 10, 1933, and Sunday, Dec. 31, 1933.

A legal notice appeared in The Daily Times, a predecessor of the Quad-City Times, on Thursday, Nov. 9, 1933. "NOTICE FOR PROPOSALS. Sealed proposals will be received until Friday, November 10, 1933, at 10 o'clock A.M. by County of Scott, Iowa, by its Supervisors, at the office of the County Auditor of Scott County, Iowa, for the removal of the Dome and Tower of Scott County Court House, to a point designated in the plans and specifications, and to furnish labor and materials required to provide a new roof structure covering over the area of the tower removed."

The caption of a photograph published Sunday, Dec. 31, 1933, in The Davenport Democrat and Leader, another predecessor of the Quad-City Times, reads, "Missing -- One Court House Dome! The Scott County Court House doesn't look this way any more. During recent months the dome, pride of early residents here, was removed for safety reasons."

Karen O'Connor, library assistant with the Davenport Public Library, found additional information about the dome removal contained in the 1933 minutes of the Scott County Board of Supervisors.

To read the minutes or view photos of the old Scott County Courthouse visit qctimes.com/askthetimes

Q. When is the City of Davenport going to solve the issue with traffic during school times at Williams and Adams schools? It needs to be widened for a turning lane. This area of Division Street gets very congested during pick up and drop off times. -- Kyle

A. We contacted the Davenport Public Works Department to find out. Gary Statz, Davenport traffic engineer, responded:

"The Davenport School District has expanded the parking and lengthened the driveways at both schools to help lessen the congestion that occurs on Division Street. There are still times when traffic is slow or stopped in the right lane on Division Street but that amount of time is fairly short. The City of Davenport has no plans to add right turn lanes at these schools."

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