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Locust Street and Lincoln Avenue

Locust Street and Lincoln Avenue, Davenport. (Contributed)

Q. I have a two-point question. What is the road work project on West Locust Street between five points and Lincoln Avenue? When will this road work be finished and all lanes will be open for travel? This project has been going on for some time now. At times the single lane each way creates quite a backup. -- John

A. According to information on the City of Davenport Street Closures and Lane Reductions website the type of work being done is sewer and resurfacing work. The work is being performed by Hawkeye Paving. The street closure date is listed as Aug. 13, 2018. The description of the closure is Locust Street head-to-head travel in each direction from Division Street to Lincoln Avenue. The following side streets on the south side of Locust Street are closed Pine Street, Lookout Lane, Pacific Street, Wilkes Avenue and Davie Street. The estimated date for reopening was listed as Nov. 9, 2018.

Q. A recent letter suggested changing the left turn lane lights to flashing red at Kimberly and Forest roads in Davenport during non-peak times. I would suggest a slightly different change: During non-peak times, have all lights on Kimberly Road be flashing yellow and all lights on Forest Road be flashing red. Also mark right turn lanes on Kimberly Road in both directions. Peak times would be 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. -- Bill

A. We contacted the city of Davenport regarding your suggestion. Gary Statz, Davenport traffic engineer, responded:

"Although it is allowed to have flashing yellow lights for Kimberly Road and flashing red lights for Forest Road during the non-peak times, it has been our policy in the city of Davenport to refrain from doing that at any of our intersections. No signals have been programmed that way in the city for decades. Most drivers expect an all-way stop when seeing a flashing red light. I witnessed a crash in a different city when the driver stopped at a flashing red light and pulled out in front of someone who had a flashing yellow light because he mistakenly thought it was an all-way stop. It is much safer to keep the signals running as programmed instead of flashing."

Q. When I went past the old Caterpillar plant in Mount Joy there lots of cars and I think new sign that says Case IH. Is there manufacturing going on there now again? – Reader, Eldridge, Iowa

A. Bruce Berger, Davenport community planning and economic development director, said, "That property is managed by River Cities Management. CPED staff reached out to a representative who indicated that the Case NH sign has been there for a few years now, but they do not have any manufacturing operations at that location. There are other commercial tenants at that property as well."

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