Q. What is the agreement between the River Bandits and opponent teams when they relocate games to the opponents stadium due to the flood? Do the River Bandits lose all of the revenue associated with the games or is there sharing of profits between the two teams (ex. River Bandit workers go there and work game)? What is the benefit to the River Bandits of playing the games at different stadium aside from player development? -- Kelly

A. Quad-City Times sports reporter Steve Batterson covers the Quad-Cities River Bandits. He said, "The agreements traditionally have varied from one opponent to the next.

"Typically, gate receipts and concessions proceeds from 'home' games played in another ballpark are kept by the team hosting the game as a way for them to recover some of the expenses they have from hosting the game, the cost of running the lights, paying staff, that type of thing.

"Much like when an entire series between Wisconsin and Kane County was moved to Peoria last spring because of winter weather in Appleton, other league teams are willing to help Quad-Cities out as a gesture of goodwill because of the circumstances, not for financial gain.

"The benefit of playing the games is strictly player development. major-league teams expect their minor-league affiliates to play 140 games and in this case the preference is to do so without creating an inordinate number of doubleheaders later in the season created by early-season weather issues.

"In years past, there were occasions when games were moved to other facilities in the Quad-Cities area. Except in extremely rare instances, stadium standards now in place along with the dollars major-league clubs have invested in their personnel preclude that from happening in this era of baseball."

Q. Do you know what they are planning on doing with the lane in front of the Vander Veer Botanical Center? The one lane has been closed for several months now. -- Ron

A. Several readers have asked about road construction in the area of Central Park Avenue eastbound curb lane between Brady Street and Harrison Street. According to the City of Davenport Street Closures and Lane Reduction website http://cityofdavenportiowa.com/closures the type of work being done is tunnel/street repair. The closure began on Jan. 30, 2019. The work is being done by the City of Davenport. The estimated opening is May 10, 2019.

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