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Q. I have noticed that when commercial buildings are demolished, the pole and sign for the former business often remain. These signs can stay in place for years after the building and debris have been removed. Current examples include the former Lodge/Jumer's at Spruce Hills, Zeke's Island Cafe at Kimberly Road and Belle Avenue and Super 8 Motel at the Iowa 80 Truckstop. I am sure there is a reason these signs remain but I am just curious why? -- Just Wondering

A. We contacted the cities of Bettendorf, Davenport and Walcott, Iowa, to find out:

Nicole Gleason, Davenport public works director/assistant city administrator, responded:

"Thanks for the question. Each situation is unique, however, we would speculate that during a demolition, a sign will be left because the posts/arms related to signs can be quite costly and often reused if a new business is built. In addition, there are times that zoning regulations have changed, and in the event an existing sign is removed a new sign may have to be smaller and/or shorter."

Lisa Rickertsen, Walcott, Iowa, city clerk responded:

"The former Super 8 Motel sign faces have been removed but the sign poles and cabinets are still up (see attached photo). The sign poles may be utilized by the current property owner.

"There may be an IDOT sign along Interstate 80 which lists hotels available at the next exit ramp. We will look into that and contact the IDOT if needed."

We will follow up if the city of Bettendorf provides a response.

Q. I heard a rumor of HomeGoods going into the old Dick's Sporting Goods (5250 Elmore Ave., Davenport). Is there any truth to the rumor? -- Steve

A. We contacted HomeGoods to find out. Lisa Zahn, HomeGoods spokesperson, responded:

"Although we appreciate your inquiry, HomeGoods has not announced a new store for Davenport, Iowa."

Q. What happened to veterinarian, Dr. Pol? His show was on at 7 a.m. Saturday mornings on KGCW-SD Channel 4-2. I looked forward so to watching his show. Now, it seems I will have to find his program elsewhere. I sure miss the it! -- Carolyn, Cambridge, Illinois

A. J.D. Walls, director of broadcast operations, WHBF-TV, KGCW-TV, This TV, said, "CW chose to change their network E/I line-up effective Oct. 7th and Dr. Pol simply wasn't on it any longer. Please see the release from the CW....

"September 12, 2017 – (Burbank, CA) – The CW, in association with Litton Entertainment, today announced the Fall line-up for the fourth season of its One Magnificent Morning Saturday morning (8:00am-11:00am ET/PT) programming block, targeting teens and families. This season, the new E/I series THIS OLD HOUSE: TRADE SCHOOL and BRAIN GAMES: FAMILY EDITION will join DOG WHISPERER WITH CESAR MILLAN: FAMILY EDITION to complete the line-up targeted to viewers 13-16 and the whole family.

To view the CW's morning lineup visit

The Incredible Dr. Pol is available on the National Geographic Channel

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