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Q. I have been to a few Hawkeye football games this season. I was wondering why metal i.e. weapon detectors are not used at the stadium entrances? – Dan

A. We contacted the University of Iowa for information. Hayley Bruce, public information office, department of public safety, University of Iowa, responded:

"The University of Iowa, Department of Public Safety works closely with University of Iowa Athletics and university administrators to continually evaluate security measures at sporting events. As part of this process, we consider best practices and the actions of our peer institutions.

"For example, during the 2017 football season, we adjusted the traffic pattern and road closures outside the stadium to improve safety and the game day experience for fans.

"Currently, the decision on whether or not to use metal detectors as part of a game security plan depends on circumstances of individual sporting events. We will continue to evaluate whether they are appropriate in the future."

Q. It appears that four houses have been taken down on Locust Street across from St. Ambrose University, including a house I lived in while enrolled at St. Ambrose several years ago. Why have these houses been torn down? Does it have anything to do with St. Ambrose expansion? Additionally, it looks like a new construction project has begun at the Assumption/St. Ambrose Sports Complex off of Central Park Avenue. What is being built in that area? – Jim, Davenport

A. We contacted St. Ambrose University to find out. Mike Poster, vice president for finance, St. Ambrose University, responded:

"Houses on several West Locust and West 17th Street properties which St. Ambrose has owned and used for student off-campus housing for several years are being demolished due to their age and condition. Possible use of the open space is yet to be determined. Under construction at the St. Vincent's Center Athletic Complex are a locker room and storage facility."

Follow up file:

The following question was published in the Dec. 14, 2017, Ask the Times.

Q. On a Christmas wreath, should the bow go on the top or the bottom of the wreath? -- Doug, Davenport

A. The general consensus from articles online and polls seems to be you can place the bow anywhere you want on a Christmas wreath.

We also contacted Wreaths Across America regarding their organization and wreath traditions. We received some additional information from Julie at WAA support. She said, "Thank you for reaching out! The Wreaths Across America wreaths come with a red homemade velveteen bow already attached to the wreath and we place the wreath with the bow at the top.

"I have attached a copy of the What is a Veterans Wreath poster outlining the meaning of each bouquet and the symbolism of the red bow and the circular shape. The WAA tradition is to place the wreath with the bow at the top of the wreath.

"If you have further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!"

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