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Ask the Times: Why is a portion of Fairmount Street brick?

Ask the Times: Why is a portion of Fairmount Street brick?


Q. Interstate 80 is still littered with pylons and constructions signs along the road from construction this summer. They've been moved farther back or the snowplows have done that. Who is responsible for cleaning these items from the highway? -- Kim, Eldridge, Iowa

A. We contacted the Iowa Department of Transportation to find out. Catherine Cutler, transportation planner, District 6, Iowa Department of Transportation, responded:

"These items were left by the contractor working on a project for the Department. They have now removed the items."

Q. There is a portion of street on Fairmount, just south of West Central Park Avenue that is brick. Why is that? -- Karon

A. A similar question was published in Ask the Times on Dec. 1, 2016. Here was the answer at that time:

We contacted the city of Davenport to find out. Billy Fisher, Davenport urban conservationist, responded:

"The neighborhood to the west of this area has major flooding issues due to excess stormwater runoff. The permeable paver area on Fairmount matches a permeable paver area one block to the west on Gayman Avenue. The two areas combined will provide underground detention and infiltration of approximately 22,680 cubic feet of water, which in turn will provide a bit of relief to the westerly neighborhoods from stormwater runoff."

An Ask the Times question published on April 1, 2017, asked about settlement of the permeable pavers. Here was the question and answer at that time:

Q. I was recently driving through the stretch of Fairmount Street in Davenport where permeable pavers were installed to provide better drainage of excess stormwater. I noticed the pavers on the north end have sunk slightly where they meet the concrete, and the pavement is damaged. Curious, I parked my car to check the south end, and it's the same situation but to a lesser extent. Does this mean that during some torrential downpour the street could open into a block long sinkhole if repairs aren't made? Or is the stormwater so excessive this plan isn't working and the City will have to go back to the drawing board? - Reader

A. We contacted the city of Davenport to find out. Amy Kay, the clean water manager, responded:

"Yes, we are experiencing some settlement of the blocks on the ends where the permeable sections meet up with the other pavement. The blocks on the end sections will be removed, the subgrade will be repaired, and the blocks will be re-installed. There will not be a block-long sink hole as a result of heavy rains. The permeable pavement system is functioning regarding preventing flooding issues downhill, as was the project's intent. We are working through process improvements that will aim to prevent this type of end settlement in the future."

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