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The roundabout at Jersey Ridge Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway in Davenport opened Friday, December 14, 2018.

Q. I just read a reader question about traffics lights on Veterans Memorial Parkway and Utica Ridge Road and the Davenport traffic engineer response. Why not look toward the future and install traffic circles at all intersections including Elmore Avenue, etc., all the way from Brady Street in Davenport to Bettendorf? I have seen the benefits in safety and traffic fluency here locally but even more so in densely traveled routes across metropolitan areas in western Europe. It is also a more cost efficient solution. Indeed, it may be an initial higher investment but will pay off nicely in the long run. -- Patrick, a Davenport reader

A. Brian Schadt, Davenport city engineer, said, "Thanks for your question. Roundabouts require significantly more right of way land than a traditional intersection. As roadways are re-done or installed, roundabouts will be considered if the appropriate amount of land can be obtained. This can be very costly and/or owners may not be willing to sell the land, so there are many factors that limit a city’s ability to introduce new roundabouts. For further clarification, these sections of roadway mentioned were designed and bid under the Iowa DOT process. As sections of this corridor were programmed prior to others due to budgetary considerations, they were further along in the design/review process. To change these intersections from signalized to roundabouts, the projects would have needed to start back at the beginning of the review process causing significant delays in the corridor development."

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Q. Do you know or can find out what all the workers are doing in the area around U.S. Highway 61 and Rockingham Road? I have not noticed any Iowa Department of Transportation trucks, but the have been some backhoes, trucks, cables, etc. -- Bob, Davenport

A. According to the Davenport street closures and lane reduction website http://cityofdavenportiowa.com/closures the work being done is a water main replacement. Rockingham Road westbound right lane is closed at River Drive (U.S. Highway 61). The work is being done by NJ Miller and work started on March 18. The estimated opening date is July 1.

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