Q. I wanted to find out if the City of Davenport is planning to put a four-way traffic light on the intersection of the new Veterans Parkway and Utica Ridge Road? There are lights further east at Elmore Avenue and Veterans Memorial Parkway by Mills Chevrolet. There is such an increase of traffic at Utica Ridge and with it being a four lanes each direction it can get very interesting to go through this intersection without lights. Sometimes it is very hectic. -- Mark

A. Gary Statz, Davenport traffic engineer, responded:

"Yes, the City of Davenport will be installing a traffic light at Veterans Memorial Parkway and Utica Ridge. The four-way stop was a temporary measure, as the lead time for these poles and lights was long. It is expected that these will be installed by the end of April, as we are expecting the parts to arrive in about two weeks."

Q. Just wondering about the demolition of the former Cal & Bob's Store in the 1700 block of Harrison Street in Davenport. It appears the building was knocked-down but the site looks terrible. There are still part of walls sticking up out of the ground. Loads of river sand have been dumped on it, but it is just a real eyesore. Are they going to leave it like this? I am surprised the city isn't making them clean up and level the site like others where buildings are demolished. Honestly the building looked better than the site does now. – Terry, Davenport

A. We contacted the Davenport Public Works Department for more information. Nicole Gleason, Davenport public works director/assistant city administrator, responded:

"This was a privately hired demolition. It is our understanding that they were working on this right ahead of the heavy snow pattern beginning and work had to stop. The contractor is planning to begin again and finish in April. For better timing, I would suggest reaching out to the contractor directly (McAdam & Associates). The city will keep an eye on this to ensure it is done in a reasonable amount of time now that conditions are favorable.

We contacted McAdam & Associates regarding your question. Dave McAdam, owner responded:

"We will be getting back over there shortly."

Q. I have been noticing that the Nestlé Purina plant near Rockingham Road has gotten louder over time. I live a half a mile away. It sounds like a continuous hum. What is the decibel level a plant can produce before its considered noise pollution. – Greg, Davenport

A. Kurt Allemeier, Davenport communications specialist, responded:

"According to City ordinance, the maximum allowable sound level being received by a residential property from an industrial property is 65 dB during the day and 55 dB at night."

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